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1982 Ligier JS8

1982 Ligier JS8 0.91

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When I saw this, I knew it had to be done. There was no doubting it; this car had to be in AC:

So here we are. I didn't spend much time on this, not aiming for perfection by any stretch. But its reasonably decent, few bits missing that I don't really care about (dirt/damage etc).
Has most of the good stuff, full set of LODs, full suspension and driver animations, reasonable care taken to ensure it runs well.

Includes 2 variants:
  • Stock, 7.5hp
  • Engine-swapped, 25hp

Get skin templates here: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/skin-templates-ligier-js8.27846/

Here is a really nice collection of skins, very original theme - if you like the car then you'll like these (Morrisons and Asdas are my particular favourites!) : https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/the-baguette-bread-brands-pack.30735/

Known issues which will stop it ever reaching V1.0:
  • AI are slow
  • No dirt/damage
  • CVT emulation is janky as hell
  • Someone left their baguette on the front parcel-shelf

P.S. I profusely apologise to anyone from France, I just copied some of the things they said in the Brochure for the car description - It may or may not make sense.

Few screens

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Latest updates

  1. Better CVT emulation - Now single speed!

    Ligier JS8 V0.91 Changelog: Better approximation of CVT transmission (seeing some issues with...

Latest reviews

This car is amazing and works perfectly.
It's beautiful and so much fun!
I love it! The only thing I've yet to do is hotlap the Nordschleife on this baby.
Love it! You should add an "F1" version, same as Renault did with the Twizy ;)
yes i like this
AMAZING WORK!! I love little slow cars, becouse its fun! :D Thanks you for this mod! Its my new favorite car)
I WISH I could buy one of these in the US..Great as a grocery-grabber, or a tool hauler!
I think the electric john deere at my work is the only slower thing than this. Love the spa lap, only had to lift at the final chicane/ hairpin... no where else haha
It's good. Car that even I can control. But for S1 variant, it really needs time attack wangs to contain all the extra power and speed. Otherwise you might need to lift somewhere.
This thing makes Vallelunga Club Circuit feel like Road America. There's no way it should be this fun to drive, but here it sits. Already developing a livery pack as well. Thanks for a healthy dose of silly driving fun.
You can listen to audiobooks and do the Nordschleife in this, it's wonderfully versatile
It's not quite a JS11 but it's still very fun.
Jimmy Broadbent should take this around Targa Florio when he reaches 300K subs on Youtube xD
Ligierbox best box
great work Gary :D
Jesus... why this tiny thing is so damn fun?! Ahahah! Thank you, Gary!
that is not what i imagine when someone says Ligier.
non-the less it is well made model. so props on that.
I have no words. Thank you for this masterpiece.
This is astoundingly beautiful. 11/10 would shitbox again.
You're breathtaking!
Always top mods. I love this "box" Btw...hotlap in SPA https://youtu.be/xZr_tMVn290
Awesome car, honestly, just make sure you've got a few hours before starting any races :)
The best breadbox money can buy.
A weapon to surpass Metal Gear.
What a genius you are, the level of detail on such a shitbox is ashtonishing, 5 stars for all your stuff, always