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TEMPLATE for Porsche 911 GT America - IER Simulations

TEMPLATE for Porsche 911 GT America - IER Simulations 1.1

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here is a PSD template for the Porsche 991 GTA which is made as double resolution then what I would recommend to be used in-game

resolution is 6144x3072,
I do all my paint in that resolution, and then downscale it to 3072x4096, to get some finer transition, smoothing, and ability to sharpen it a touch

Latest updates

  1. updated with series logos and imsa numberplate

    Numbers you have to create yourself, as I don't have a font for those. Rims might be coming...

Latest reviews

well done.
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Good but I missing a thing is there any way of getting a template for the IMSA number-board?

That would just be the 5 star icing on the cake.
Patrik Marek
Patrik Marek
I orignally had it in there but I figured that people will use number plates for all kinds of series

I will update it ;) with the plate and the series logos ( GTD, continental tires ..etc) and people who don't want those will just turn them off
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That is the best Template ever see! Thanks su much.
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Tip-top and extremely spiffing!
Patrik Marek
Patrik Marek
thank you
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Patrik Marek
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