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1998 BMW 320i STW-BTCC

1998 BMW 320i STW-BTCC 0.5.1

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Time has come! Initial release to get more feedback outside of our group, to help pushing these more forward. So we are bringing you are second car. Car is currently setup to be more safe, so it does understeer quite a bit, probably more then you would expect. Feel free to experiment with setups and share what you think

Work in progress !!! lot of things are not done yet
Early cockpit with no textures
LODs are not yet made for this car, will come later on
Temp driver animation

model, texturing & shaders by Patrik Marek
physics by Abbo90 and Ben Lee
sound by ACFan
additional skins by PaulNLC, Madish, Iain Chandler

Every feedback is welcome, especially constructive. We would like to make these cars the best they can be.

Paint template
to unleash your creativity, here is template for the main body
Patrik Marek
File size
52 MB
First release
Last update
4.88 star(s) 102 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. quick fixes for skins / UI / no changes on physics

    Quick fix for some skins Fixing archive folder structure, so that emission shader drops into...

Latest reviews

As with previous reviews the car does not work for me. Exactly as others describe, the car is visible in game but when loading to the track it just returns back to the car selection menu. Super annoying as I would really like to drive this one.
Patrik Marek
Patrik Marek
most people that have the issue have solved it when they correctly installed the content in folder " system" , it has to go to your assetto folder directly, not in documents , not mods etc.
Awesome that the E36 320i and Primera are available! However, I also am having the issue that Thommy9009 said below. It's just for the 320i and Primera though. You select either the 320i or Primera, select ANY track, and after the track loads and the car starts to load, it kicks you back into the lobby screen where you just were. I've downloaded the cars multiple times to see if I did something wrong. I uploaded it to Content Manager twice and just added it manually once to the folder. It's all there, just doesn't seem to want to cooperate no matter what I do.
Patrik Marek
Patrik Marek
So you copied the files from system folder in BMW to your system folder in AC
root directly ??
hello! I downloaded your mod because it is beautiful and I would like to play with it, but once I extract the car file and also the text documents (installation and release) I put them in the right folders but crashes once I set the car and circuit and careful loading. can you help me figure out where I have to put the other files?
Patrik Marek
Patrik Marek
all the files in the archive should go in the same folders in your AC folder ( not documnets, not mods) the important stuff that typically makes the crashes, is what's in system folder

if you did copy everything correctly, but it still crashes, you might try installing CSP ( custom shader patch)

if it still crashes, I will have to see some logs or something, other wise i'ts really hard to help
This car is great. Looks great, handles great and is a real pleasure to drive. Thank you for making and sharing this with us. It'll be appreciated by a lot of people for a long time.
Really enjoy these, good detail and sound amazing
Fantastic!! can't wait to drive full release!!!!
Exceptional work in all depts, the only thing I would add is a tiny bit more wiggle room and compliance in the rear end re:slip curve and peaks of the tyre, it allows playful behaviour atm but very quick to get beyond an angle you can save.

Brilliant work to all involved.
Excellent!! grazie mille! good job! TOTALE!
5 stars
One of the best cars i've tried in a long time. I simply love it. Such a great car to drive. And those sounds are awesome too. I found myself watching my replay for 5 minutes just because i was in love with sound this car makes in external TV cameras :D
Quelle travail impressionnant !!!!Un régal merci 1000fois
Can't wait for the interior updates. Great work!
Absolutely great. I love this car.
great stuff
The best grip e36 mod I ever drive, cant wait for interior to be finished <3
exterior is really good. cant wait for the interior. i love the sound at third gear and up.
one of the best cars in ac already..cant wait for the final version :-)
Incredible work again from Patrik and the PM3DM crew. I know it's an early release, but even still it's a riot to drive and a pack of Super Tourers in AC results in similar action to back in their 90s heyday.

Stunning car visually and aurally. That gearbox whine as speed builds... just takes me back.
superbe bon travail
Excellent! I did not leave a rating yet, but if some people rat it one or two stars, which obviously is nonsense, I'm here to keep the average rating up:)
Patrik Marek
Patrik Marek
thank you :)
cannot get it to work click on the car and it goes to the home screen
Patrik Marek
Patrik Marek
some people get this to work, if they install custom shader patch for AC
not really sure why you give one star though and it's starting to get annoying.

if people think that giving super low rating is somehow going to help them get more help, it has quite the opposite effect , and I will soon start filling my ingore list
Fantastic, already a blast to drive. Great job there.
Tnx for the great work!
Well, just got it out of the box for a coupe of laps, and for an early work released to public, this car feels awesome. Feels so heavy and fast, the way I would expect from this kind of car.