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1998 BMW 320i STW-BTCC

1998 BMW 320i STW-BTCC 0.5.1

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Time has come! Initial release to get more feedback outside of our group, to help pushing these more forward. So we are bringing you are second car. Car is currently setup to be more safe, so it does understeer quite a bit, probably more then you would expect. Feel free to experiment with setups and share what you think

Work in progress !!! lot of things are not done yet
Early cockpit with no textures
LODs are not yet made for this car, will come later on
Temp driver animation

model, texturing & shaders by Patrik Marek
physics by Abbo90 and Ben Lee
sound by ACFan
additional skins by PaulNLC, Madish, Iain Chandler

Every feedback is welcome, especially constructive. We would like to make these cars the best they can be.

Paint template
to unleash your creativity, here is template for the main body

Latest updates

  1. quick fixes for skins / UI / no changes on physics

    Quick fix for some skins Fixing archive folder structure, so that emission shader drops into...

Latest reviews

Love this mod. It reminds me of my childhood, watching these things scream around the track.
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Just fantastic!
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A real blast to drive, truly amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this iconic car with us !
Upvote 0
Excellent car! Really nice. Love the way it handles, the sound. I've had it since the release but forgot to leave a rating. Sorry! I was wondering, will you finish the interior? Not a problem, but it would be nice for you to have this beauty fully finished!
Upvote 0
Awesome Car! A Update would be great for working wipers.
Upvote 0
man this is fun to drive.
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So much fun, a really awesome ride with this 320i BTCC. The cockpit could be refined but the most important, the driving experience is definitely there!
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I love this car, its the perfect partner for the Primera BTCC. Any plans on finishing the interior? That would be awesome! Thank you for this great work.
Patrik Marek
Patrik Marek
definitely, once we get more of the cars out
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Great Stuff. Thank you.
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Would love to try this mod but cannot get it to work for some reason. Read through other reviews and tried the suggestions to install it correctly and make it work and tried them but still fails to load after selecting track. I placed the contents from system and content in the main assettocorsa folder.
Patrik Marek
Patrik Marek
make sure you don't put that into documents\mods, but Steam\....\Assetto

it also needs CSP I belive
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Man,this car is incredible.Once you tweak it just right for the track you're racing at,it's a lot of fun.Very fast and grip is amazing.Wonderful machine.
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I absolutely love the way this car handles, but since I play in VR, I really miss the finished interior, that's why I drive the Primera mostly. Will this ever get finished?

Also, is there any way we can get more super tourers?

Dobra praca chlape!
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Very Very impressive!
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Superb! Thankss
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Absolutely love it, can not wait for the other cars in development
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A superb accompaniment to the already fantastic Primera! Thrashing these around Brands Sure does get blood pumping!
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Excellent work again!
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lovely bimer
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Great work. Thank you
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Usual Patrik QUALITY!
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Patrik Marek
File size
52 MB
First release
Last update
4.88 star(s) 133 ratings

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