1999 Volvo S40 BTCC

1999 Volvo S40 BTCC 0.7.2

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With collaboration from Paul NLC, PM3DM is proud to present you with amazing Volvo S40 BTCC.
This time with detailed cockpit ! Paul has done a really great job on this one, and I'm glad we can finally share it with the rest of you.

Work in progress !!! still quite a lot of things to be improved
Doesn't come with interior glass, which is important for RainFX
Wiper animation missing
Sounds need a bit of rebalancing, to match our other cars bit more closely
Physics is currently based on some evolution of the physics from Primera ( but not the physics that's been released , so it should feel different )

As will be the case on all our cars from now on, CSP will be required to run this, we are using more and more features from CSP, including some physics updates, which means that car will be crashing in vanilla AC ( not sure if Volvo already got some of this though, so you might be lucky for some time)

LODs are not yet made for this car, will come later on

model, texturing, skins by Paul NLC
small tweaks on visuals and CSP features by Patrik Marek
physics by Abbo90 and Ben Lee
sound by AcFan
sound recording by Ben Lee

Every feedback is welcome, especially constructive. We would like to make these cars the best they can be.

paint template here

Latest updates

  1. check yourself before you wreck yourself

    Sorry, it's been a long day, I did update the font, but haven't added the new data.acd, so here...

Latest reviews

hi, this mod is awesome thank you
I have one issue when I try to race (practice) the race ends before start
possible fix: analyze the car with CM and found 3 errors, fix the first 2 with CM and problem solves, maybe you can fix this for the next update, thanks again
Screenshotof the problems:
Works flawlessly and together with the Nissan and the BMW makes for kick-ass-racing. Thanks a lot for this.
Awesome car. Thank you!
Top notch as always from the PM3DM team, can't wait for the full release
Absolutely Excellent Mod!! Super fun to drive! super nice model! and sound is super! I am truly looing forward to next update!

Thanks you!

You asked for constructive feedback: 1, like to have more gearbox whine, pretty sure they where running a straight cut gears. with solid mounts. so the gearbox should be making some noise :) 2, windshields... 3, more 5 cylinder roar, I have seen and heard a S40 (STCC) IRL and they almost sound like the UR Quattro.
Patrik Marek
Patrik Marek
Hi Zie,
Thanks for the feedback and i'm glad you are enjoying the car. The interior recording was taken from the 1998 Rydell car that I did in 2017 using a Rode (broadcast standard) high SPL mic and Zoom sound recorder. You can listen to a youtube upload of the recording here. The gearbox whine seems less pronounced on this car than some others. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kxza0vfwwQ
Awesome mod!

I seem to be having an issue with mixing the BTCC cars together. I can have a grid with one modded car and other Kunos cars, but if I try combining any of your BTCC cars I get a Race Cancelled error. Anyway around this?
Patrik Marek
Patrik Marek
what cars in partciular are you trying to race with ? to see if I can get the same error
Brilliant car. All three BTCC cars are superb. Many thanks to the team!

With this car I’m getting some distracting reflections in the transparent darker section of the sun visor. Not just innocent clouds and the sky but quite distinct “reflections” that should be there such as a a double of the rear screen mirror.

I wonder if its possible for me to manually remove the entire visor or change its properties to solve this?
Patrik Marek
Patrik Marek
can you post some images in the discussion thread please?
You dont know how much this means to me! reliving TOCA 2 vibes. Amazing mod. Wish so hard the Laguna and the Audi will join later
Honestly. I do not know what more I can add. The sound, handling, looks are amazing. Great car mod!
Just amazing! Graphics are superb. And the handling of the car is just amazing (so difficult for me to controll the rear when is rolling, specially with hard tyres). A very, very good job! Congratulations. I had the 320i and the Primera, and I will wait for the complete BTCC series.
Great!!! I have enjoyed Monza very much!!!
Excellent mod! Car drives combining best of 2 worlds - feels like race car, but slides in fast corners like street car.
Just brilliant Patrick! Please do an 850!
brilliant mod
Nice liftoff oversteer.
Car looks amazing but the first thing i noticed is that the dash view which i drive in is set to the right hand side of the car, llok forwar to driving it when this issue is sorted, apart from that it looks to be of top quality as usual
Patrik Marek
Patrik Marek
it's already updated, as well as bonnet view, but will be released with new update, which might take a while
You've done it again m8, excellent work, thanks for sharing
There was a Volvo dealership near my parents' house and they had a mocked-up version of the S40 in Rickard Rydell's livery. I used to stare at it in amazement.

Now I can drive it at Silverstone, Thruxton, Oulton, Knockhill, Brands...

You've made a 30-year old man feel like a little kid again. Thank you so much.
Just phenomenal........
In early 80's working in foreign car parts retail/wholesale distributor I happened upon an article about the Volvo 750 GLE Turbo wagon that stunned me a bit...... I then owned a '66 122S and a '72 142S, and coveted the 750 GLE........ it was deemed the fastest car in the world "out of the showroom" with a top speed of 230 mph and cruising speed of 180...... at the time cruising speed was defined as 1:1 unity in engine and transmission rpm's.
I've been hoping for a Volvo to appear in the "circuit" and so much appreciate this gem.
Be well all.

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