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  1. Neko Taisen

    Taisen Racing Corvette C7R WEC & IMSA 2.0

    After I did some skins on the Corvette dedicated to all my friends as a real first try, I decided to make an unpersonnal and public variant of my skins for everyone. The package includes WEC and USCC skins of my fictional team. You need to know that, all extra lights are not from me but from...
  2. Patrik Marek

    TEMPLATE for Porsche 911 GT America - IER Simulations 1.1

    here is a PSD template for the Porsche 991 GTA which is made as double resolution then what I would recommend to be used in-game resolution is 6144x3072, I do all my paint in that resolution, and then downscale it to 3072x4096, to get some finer transition, smoothing, and ability to sharpen it...
  3. S

    2015 TUSCC - Starworks #7 - Corvette DP 1

    As the release of the GTD/GTA 991 gets closer, i decided to dive into some 2015 liveries to have it race with! Here we have the Starworks Motorsports Riley BMW DP, ported onto the IER Corvette DP, Coyote Chassis! Previews