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STIG 1.1

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Initial release

Big thanks goes to A3DR, who help me figure out what was my issue with skinned meshes.

This was more for fun, to have bit more variety

Model is based on an old model I made many years ago, very low poly. Wasn't made directly for AC specs, so gloves are not as detailed as Kunos ones, and texturing isn't ideal in that regard either ( gloves are part of the main suit texture rather then separate file), and generally speaking the quality isn't on par with Kunos, but to fully redo it from scratch would be way too much work, so hopefuly this is good enough for what it needs to be


Latest updates

  1. better looking visor

    mesh fixes on visor better looking texture for visor fixing black materials on helmet making...

Latest reviews

Great work! But I had a problem. I did as the INSTALLATION, but the driver never changed. I tried to operate on other cars and the results were the same. Can you tell me how to solve it?
Patrik Marek
Patrik Marek
in order to see it, you have to put it int the driver3d.ini in the car you want, and the car can't have data.acd , as that takes precedence
Dad? Is that you?
Some say, that he can make the Andrea Moda competitve
Some say is based on an old model and isn't ideal but, he still can drive. All we know, he's called Stig.
Thank's to bring him to AC!
Patrik Marek
Patrik Marek
haha :)
Patrik Marek
File size
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First release
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