Stock & Tuned & without inspection Satsuma Save Game for newest version

Stock & Tuned & without inspection Satsuma Save Game for newest version 3.1

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The updated and latest save game for My Summer Car is available at (just click on this inscription)

1. Tuned Satsuma
►Wires ✔
►Spark Plug ✔
►Subwoofer ✔
►Cabin ✔
►Ruscko ✔
►Best Gearbox ✔
►Kilju ✔
►Camera ✔
►Fireworks bag ✔
►Paintjob ✔
►Engine Tuning ✔
►500k money ✔
►Racing Flywheel ✔
►Camshaft is set ✔
►Wristwatch ✔

2. Stock Satsuma
► Stock Satsuma - All original parts ✔
► 5.000 Markka ✔
► Some food ✔

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Latest updates

  1. 2019 Update

    Updated for newest version.
  2. Fix

    The problem with the alternator belt after the update for the experimental version has been fixed.
  3. Fix battery

    A fully charged battery for "no inspection" has been added.

Latest reviews

I really like this save and if the bolts are not tightened change to test 64 branch.
its organized looks nice, not the engine and grill.
The good : a complete car with tuning parts. and spare stuff like tyres, oil, coolant, belts.
The bad : Piston 1 is worn out, this request a full rebuild like getting the engine out the car again.... And the hoses are not tightent to the engine and radiator, this causes it to overheat and maybe fail. I personaly think you can better search for a other save.

I am as slow as a turtle, and the thirst always goes up a lot. wow
Idk why but my character doesnt get thirsty, in fact, it lowers so much that it instantly turns red then I die
Excellent save game works 100%
Hello, If Someone Pls Update The Game With The Light Bulbes On The Car! I Try Every Day To Get To Teimo But The Car Stops In The Middle Of Nowhere! The Fuel Was Full But The Battery SUCKS!
perfect save but UPDATE PLEASE
Can you update the save for the last update? Very appreciated! :D
very gud but can you made by artist in fletaari so we can put skins on the satsuma
dis is awsum
i subbe u
thanks! i'm subscribe your channel.
I Love this Save you've done a Great Job, I'd love to see an update at some point so I can see what's changed between March and Now.
all in all good, but despite never having used the poop truck, i got a fat fine for dumping 7000 liters of sewage. is that a bug, or did you dump the truck load?
I dont know why but my shift up and shift doewn buttons aren't working
very nice savegame! thx
the engine is explode if you rev like 5 secends on tuned satsuma

very bad :(