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save game

  1. mabrahamh

    Save Game Satsuma Red Alfred 2020 5.0

  2. galfred30

    Save Game My Summer Car galfred30 Satsuma 5.0

    Save Game My Summer Car galfred30 Satsuma
  3. Niko1645

    Satsuma 248 HP (with supercharger mod) 2020-01-30

    Without the supercharger mod it makes only 143 hp but with it it makes 248 hp.Car on dynamometer. First and second picture no mod third and fourth with mod. Link for supercharger mod: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/supercharger-for-satsuma.27755/
  4. Billy Pilgrim

    Where is your championship progress saved?

    If you quit Assetto Corsa after qualifying (in a championship), you come last in that race. It's annoying as sometimes I'm unable to find the time to sit down, get a decent qualifying lap, and then do an entire race. I'd like to know where your progress so far is saved so that I can copy the...
  5. george holland

    Twin carb stock satsuma (Inspected) 2019-10-11

    Its my first full build and i call it the stock satsuma with twin carbs. It has been tuned no bang pop or tink. Has after market CD player so you can play your favorite songs cruising in this beautiful car I hope you enjoy it. If there is anything wrong with the save please let me know and i...
  6. csekerricsi14

    My Summer Car Savegame 2019-08-25

    A Nice little save game with all cars The Satsuma is fully tuned
  7. S

    Money god none

    Download this save game have Money ∞ ___________________________________ C:\Users\Users\AppData\LocalLow\Amistech\My Summer Car

    My Summer Car Best Save File! Fully Upgraded, All Cars, 1M Cash More! Jan, 2019

    THIS SAVE GAME CONTAINS THE FOLLOWING 1 Million Cash Fully Upgraded Build Along With Cosmetic Parts, Wheels. Every Vehicle In Driveway (Tractor is not there sorry!) :thumbsdown: Stacked Food In The Fridge Closed Christmas Box Load of Beer And Oils (Everything neatly organized)
  9. I

    New Game Bug? No problem 1.1

    Clicking "New Game" in My Summer Car causes crashes for some players. This is a fix to that. This is a brand new save game that you can just drop in the save folder and click continue. The default name is "Jimmy Coe" but you can change that by editing these values in the editor...
  10. I

    My Summer Car Save Game build 182

    Sorry for not new version!
  11. J

    Save Game My Msc Save

    jesushail submitted a new resource: My Msc Save - Rusted But Fast Read more about this resource...
  12. SuOSoft

    Official Save V1.1

    This Save Is Mine To 100% Reuploads are allowed Via Permission: Contact SuOSoft@outlook.com If you Wanna do ! Sastuma: Location: Store Modifications: -Mostly Stock ( Currently ) -Inspection Not Passed -Brown Pain -Half Fuel Tank -Ready To Drive Some ( Dont Overheat it ! ) ( More in Next Update...
  13. V

    Best Stock Satsuma Best Tune You Can Get Stock No B.S. 2018-08-29

    Hello everyone ! :) This is my first upload on here, Hopefully you all like it Okay so now we talk about why you would want my save game over all the other stock save games. Reason #1 - i have done no money mods to give you an advantage, keep it legit. You pick up where i left off. Reason...
  14. Lazouk

    My Summer Car Save [SATSUMA GT+VAN&TRUCK KEY] 6.0.1

    Hello everyone, ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > It's a save game of My Summer Car. Original satsuma GT version and tuning engine. -truck and van at home. -Jerrycan full (Diesel and Gasoline) -Stock GT car -Some mechanical parts are...
  15. lordsyrinx

    Save Game Ultimate Save - Built, Tuned and Ready to Go!

    lordsyrinx submitted a new resource: Ultimate Save - Built, Tuned and Ready to Go! - Kuro's Ultimate Save Read more about this resource...
  16. lordsyrinx

    Ultimate Save - Built, Tuned and Ready to Go! 1.3

    This is the ultimate "finished" save game. Copy files to -> C:\Users\"Username"\AppData\LocalLow\Amistech\My Summer Car Garage and House is completely stocked up with supplies. 31,000mk for your spending needs. All parts are bought and "neatly" stored. Hayosiko, Gifu, Jonnez ES & Kekmet are...
  17. J

    Mods crashing saves

    Hi Guys. Im really mad. I installed 3 diffrent mods, and always i cant save games. How to fix it? Can I play carrier with mods or not? Thanks for help
  18. NeX_25

    My Summer Car Save Game (After v24.05.2019)*UPDATED* 3.0

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Near Stock Satsuma Savegame for My Summer Car. - Satsuma assembled - Inspection passed - Permanent death off - No game progress (Pub guy/Gambling/Fleetari etc) - Ratchet set in garage - Satsuma tuned...


    mystery is yet to be solved :whistling: