full tuning

  1. kubaplaygame

    Full Gt Satsuma 0.2.9

    its a satsuma in full tuning and gt and all cars ;)
  2. Floyd04

    My Summer Car SaveGame Updated 2018-05-05

    Satsuma 100% Full Tuning, Much Food, Some Money and Kilju to Sell
  3. Radex

    Stock & Tuned & without inspection Satsuma Save Game for newest version 3.1

    MSC Facebook Group - join now :) Discord MSC: https://discord.gg/pDwnhV5 The updated and latest save game for My Summer Car is available at Games-Manuals.com (just click on this inscription) 1. Tuned Satsuma 2. Stock Satsuma ►if you like my work, able buy me a coffee :) ...