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save 2018

  1. A

    My Summer Car save with running satsuma, and a little surprise :)) 2019-04-23

    running satsuma, food for years, everything in this save is AWESOME
  2. Tom Productions

    Car accident 2019-03-19

    Hi this is a save where your gonna be in a different situation. Story for this save: A week ago...your father called you. You pick up the phone And he tells you this He was going home from teimos shop and an accident happened to him. Some dude in small red car somehow drove into him and...
  3. T

    90% MCS save 18.8.2018

    Hey evrybody ! On this save you can find : 100% tuned stasuma some stuff at home (oil, food, grill ect...) For the save completli work you need : modloader froglight 2 cheatbox car arial and VHS player. Report me some bug wen i try to fix them. I hope you enjoy my save.:):):) have fun...
  4. Tiago Fonseca

    save game fiaçao feita pintura azul e dinheiro infinito 0.0.1

    salvar jogo fiaçao feita pintura azul e dinheiro infinito
  5. ajsen

    My Summer Car Save Polish 2.0.1

    Hi, I'm from Poland, I'm a mechanic I have completed my satsuma and I have maximized my work experience etc and would like to share my Satsuma with you, as I am asking for an opinion PS satsuma loves to spin high revs and suddenly reduce gears. THE ENGINE WAS REPAIRED / dont look at the money...
  6. Floyd04

    My Summer Car SaveGame Updated 2018-05-05

    Satsuma 100% Full Tuning, Much Food, Some Money and Kilju to Sell
  7. J

    F1 2017 Mods crashing saves

    Hi Guys. Im really mad. I installed 3 diffrent mods, and always i cant save games. How to fix it? Can I play carrier with mods or not? Thanks for help
  8. Radex

    Stock & Tuned & without inspection Satsuma Save Game for newest version 3.1

    MSC Facebook Group - join now :) Discord MSC: https://discord.gg/pDwnhV5 I leave here only two save game - adapted to the latest version of the game. 1. Tuned Satsuma 2. Stock Satsuma ►if you like my work, able buy me a coffee :) : https://www.paypal.me/radexx ✔