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Stock & Tuned & without inspection Satsuma Save Game for newest version

Save Game Stock & Tuned & without inspection Satsuma Save Game for newest version 3.1

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Nov 12, 2017
Radex submitted a new resource:

My Summer Car Save Game 3-pack - Three save games in one file.

This is my save game (itsmejeff123 makes my savings available here, so before I put the last one as "my" I put all my package). There are 3 folders in the package, each save is different. Below are the numbers of the videos corresponding to the folder number.

1. Complete Car without tuning:

2. Full tuning Satsuma + nitro

3. List under the film.

►Cabin ✔
►Ruscko ✔
►Best Gearbox ✔...
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Deleted member 254134

if you are uploading such a useless content than can you atleast work on describtion so we can see diffrences between your and 6753234654 other savegames?


Jul 24, 2015
Hey mate! Have you used MSC Save Editor? If so, for what? Im looking for a savegame where MSC Editor wasn't used to tighten the nuts.Apparently it can cause some problems if you use it for stuff like that^^

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