Satsuma German Police (Add-on for Germany Texturepack) Final Version

The German Police skin (Made bigger Size due copyright)

  1. KmunBienen
    The German Policecar
    This is an Car Paintjob which is usually by pressing F5 in the start menu of game viewable. Ingame you need to purchase the Custom paintjob made by artist and wait. Then you can see the affect.

    It is compactible with nearly EVERY game version, except ToplessGun would make an new paintjob system.

    1. Open your My Summer Car Folder, which is located at:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\My Summer Car
    2. Open the "Images" folder.
    3. Drag-and-Drop the "car.png" Image to the Folder.
    3.2 Windows may ask you if you want to rename the old, usually you can rename the old to "car2.png" or smillar and drag the file.
    4. Go to the Game
    5. Check in the Start menu with F5 if it works
    6. If it works, enjoy it!
    7. If not, please check if you did everything correctly or contact me.

    This Texture is an Add-on for the Germany Texturepack (Add-on means only if you want)
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