1. Korgy

    die Safari Polizei 1

    After a night of schnapps, two Polizeimeisters got the bright idea to enter a backup Das 119e from the motorpool into the Safari rally. Unofficially, they got a decent time on the stages, but they never officially registered for the event. The vehicle remains missing to this day.
  2. Sviter_

    BMW M6 - Polizei 1.0

    BMW M6 GT3 - Polizei Preview:
  3. CivElox

    Audi R8 Polizei (WiP) 0.9

    Hi Guys today i will show you my Work in Progress R8 GT3. This Audi is designed like a police car of the police of saxony. Like u saw in the title the whole skin is WiP. so there willl be updates if I find wrong textures an failures in the colour of the car. please leave a comment if you find...
  4. James Egan

    BMW M3 Polizei (Police) skin 1.0

    This skin is of a German (Deutsch) Police (Polizei) car for 4 different versions of the E92 M3. This skin will work for any E92 that uses the KS model. I included easy install for the 3 Kunos M3's and the Modders Squadra Corse M3 GTS which you can find via google. Please leave your thoughts as...
  5. KmunBienen

    Satsuma German Police (Add-on for Germany Texturepack) Final Version

    The German Policecar This is an Car Paintjob which is usually by pressing F5 in the start menu of game viewable. Ingame you need to purchase the Custom paintjob made by artist and wait. Then you can see the affect. It is compactible with nearly EVERY game version, except ToplessGun would make...