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  1. C

    Satsuma AMP Rallye Livery 1.0

    The Satsuma AMP Rallye was made by Satsuma Motors in 1974. It wasn't meant for road use as it had no dashboard and came with just the drivers seat and tachometer and also because it would not pass emissions due to its weber carbs and more open exhaust. Because of this the car was mostly sold to...
  2. Ruscko

    Too Fast And Full Gt Satsuma V0.1

    Suitcase Gt Satsuma Unlocked All Cars 227 km Satsuma Discord: Discord
  3. kubaplaygame

    Full Gt Satsuma 0.2.9

    its a satsuma in full tuning and gt and all cars ;)
  4. G

    New Racing Skin Satsuma 1.0

    Author- Илья Мунтян
  5. J

    Stock Satsuma 1.1

    Hello There this is my stock satsuma save game Stuff Gotten: Antennas Van And truck And Wasp car (idk if it has wasps) Ratchet set. Beer Case and sausage's on table. Oh my! 1,000 downloads thank you
  6. Kecskern

    Green GT satsuma savegame! 1.0

    -7000Markka -Jokke Moved to the town -Rally Parts ordered -Green GT paintjob -Engine rebuilded -New G/T tires on the car -Suski Done
  7. Mr_Mystery

    AEROFLOT Service Vehicle skin 1.0

    Thank you for downloading my skin for the satsuma (AEROFLOT SERVICE VEHICLE). There are 2 versions of the skin, one with a custom metal floor and one without. It also comes with an optional window sticker. you would place this also in How to install- 1) Select the version of the skin you like...
  8. R

    My Summer Car - Brian Skyline R34 Template 2021-04-09

    Its my first texture/mod/skin, so I hope you like it, leave a review or donate if you want to, thank you so much, enjoy! Use a texture as you like and modify as you like too, but don't repost it anywhere as if you were creating it, if you want, put credits, Thank you! Installation: 1 -...
  9. Dayz_me_rollin82

    Satsuma Sound Overhaul 1.25

    Replaces Satsuma engine sounds with other sfx already ingame. Featuring different exhaust sounds with race exhaust system. Also with valvetrain noise that gets louder as rockershaft condition deteriorates. That's about it.
  10. XFrancisX

    Abandoned satsuma v1.1

    Abandoned satsuma , is very hidden , is in the highway. Story is NOT touched. All deliver wood/sewage jobs are NOT touched. Hayosiko is unlocked Suski date is not touched to. Car is crashed on "highway" tree zone You start with 4350Mk Some parts are in fleetari shop Have a picture
  11. AnderW

    Fresh Built New Satsuma AMP 1.0

    Satsuma Inspected! -Registered car- Aftermarket Racing Flywheel - OWNED and INSTALLED! -makes shifting gears smoother - lighter- Ratchet set - OWNED in car boot! - better than "Spanner set" - Wide Steel Rims - OWNED and INSTALLED with Gommer Gobra tires! - Stock Rims but more DEEP lookin! -...
  12. mrjuuna12345

    Satsuma with all tuning parts 2021-02-27

    here is Full builded satsuma with all tuning parts.
  13. elari222

    My summer car (FULL STOCK) v0.1

    (FULL STOCK) 50 000 mk Van and gifu key unlocked
  14. V

    Rusty GT skin 2021-02-03

    basically just my attempt at a custom blue rusty GT skin. enjoy your new satsuma. HOW TO INSTALL: left click the image of the template right-click the image and press "save as" then go to my summer car/images and click "car.png" then press the "yes" button if it shows a question to overwrite...
  15. Mr_Mystery

    Satsuma GT Red Edition 1.0

    Satsuma GT Red Edition Save game I would suggest that you install this mod, it makes the interior look much better! It The GT Interior Mod on Nexus Mods. Won't let me upload on here, but the link is in read me file in the .zip ~~~Info~~~ Van And RCO Rusco Are out front Comes with food and...
  16. B

    msc save game gt fully tuned inf money with turbo and ecu ready v1.0

    Green satsuma gt rally ready fully tuned with all keys vehicles and A LOAD of money! works best with donnerplays donnertech turbo and ecu mod but if you dont have it, it still works perfectly fine. all parts owned if you need any that are not in garage they will be at fleetaris suski story done...
  17. gabrielZN.141015

    For Sale Peugeot (SatsumaAMP) 1973 2021-01-22

    Peugeot (Satsuma) modelo AMP 1973 (em bom estado). Modelo deluxe com motor de 4 cilindros na linha 2.0, carro com poucos quilômetros rodados, é quase novo, Possui direção hidráulica, banco reclinável de couro, rádio AM e FM e acabamentos de topo! E tudo por um preço muito acessível! não perca...
  18. G

    Satsumas battery instantly dies when starting please help! 29.05.2020

    The car should have gas, oil, coolant, and be wired. Please help me figure out why it just cranks and never fully starts. The battery is always dead after I crank it for the longest. Very very frustrating.
  19. GamerDream124

    My New Satsuma Gauges Textures. 1.0

    Thanks for looking at my new texture It changes the dial completely and new look. Uploading to another site is not allowed. I hope you like my textures. give feedback in review section.
  20. Tom Shi

    Satsuma is built, Nothing else has been done, (3000mk) 29.05.2020

    There are different variants of the satsuma in the garage (Stock, inspected and Non-inspected) (Satsuma GT, Green and Red) (Fully upgraded, Performance-wise) There is nothing else done (No progression in story, jobs, money . etc) (No other cars have been unlocked) (Spare parts are in the garage...