1. B

    Inspected GT Satsuma & Suitcase Satsuma Save Game for newest version 1.0

    My discord BladeZ#0585:) Only one save game (Im Making an Racing one il upload it tommorow or on sunday) ►Satsuma✔ ►Gifu✔ ►Blue Van✔ ►Ruscko❌ (Only Works with Screwdriver) ►Suitcase✔
  2. K

    cool satsuma 25.01.2022

    tuned satsuma;)
  3. C

    Satsuma Stock 1.0

    password: satsuma
  4. S

    Frozen Satsuma

    Hello! This evening I was playing with MSC and after a game restart I noticed my Satsuma is frozen and I am unable to move it with Hayosiko or pushing.
  5. EdgarsLS

    Alpha Turbo Alpha 1.1

    no fuss, no (blown) blocks, 'no need for any bux! just install this mod to feel an intimidate quality of life improvement. This mod is a turbo mod I have been making for quite a while now but never finished it. at this point in time it's only basic physics for the turbo, and the turbo model...
  6. Floyd04

    My Summer Car Satsuma Ready for Rally savegame 1.0

    Satsuma ready to run the rally with NO2 Mods used in this savegame BackPack CallYourCousin ChaseCamera CheatBox ClockDisplay Fifth Gear FuelCover HayoTurbo Jonnez ES PowerUp MokiaTownsman ShowBoltSize SteeringCap
  7. XFrancisX

    0KM Satsuma v1.1

    Your dad have buyed a satsuma at the start of summer, They have given you the keys before they go on vacation. Now you own the satsuma Images:
  8. ajanhallinta

    SatsumaTuner95 v0.3

    SatsumaTuner95 v0.3 (20/12/2021) - made by: ajanhallinta SatsumaTuner95 is a My Summer Car mod made for MSC ModLoader ( NOTE: PRO Version is NOT supported at the time! It is an in-game editor for tweaking various Satsuma variables like power...
  9. L

    MSC save game almost all vehicles and lots of money, tuned satsuma at home road 2021-11-18

    ready for dating and tuned satsuma with radar buster and other gauges and have gifu,ruscko,tuned satsuma, jonnez es, hayosiko,kekmet,flatbed but fernadale is at fleetaris. money, and the satsuma is at the home road (not in garage) you can walk by the road and see it cuz i was testing it.:roflmao:
  10. ZaosTV

    Zaos's Redbull Rally Satsuma 1.0

    Please let me know how you like it. :D Also on Nexus: https://www.*********.com/mysummercar/mods/1144
  11. S

    Satsuma left to rot v1

    A few years back, you were driving your satsuma on the highway when you accidentally miss a gear, and the engine blows. You got it towed to your house. You were working on it but you eventually stopped and it was left to rot in your garage. Your job is to fix it up, get it running and get it...
  12. A

    MSC Satsuma 0.1

    0.1 First Built
  13. K

    Dashboard steam Satsuma 1.0

    t is literally the Satsuma of the steam panel - Satsuma inspected and tuned -Double Carburetor, CD Player, Antennas, Automotive Sound, and racing engine flywheel - the player has food, cigarettes, and beer NOTE: The player Never Smoked And I Didn't Use Cheats
  14. C

    Full Gt Satsuma 0.1

    Full GT Satsuma
  15. C

    Satsuma AMP Rallye Livery 1.0

    The Satsuma AMP Rallye was made by Satsuma Motors in 1974. It wasn't meant for road use as it had no dashboard and came with just the drivers seat and tachometer and also because it would not pass emissions due to its weber carbs and more open exhaust. Because of this the car was mostly sold to...
  16. Ruscko

    Too Fast And Full Gt Satsuma V0.2

    Suitcase Gt Satsuma Unlocked All Cars 227 km Satsuma installing tutorial:
  17. kubaplaygame

    Full Gt Satsuma 0.2.9

    its a satsuma in full tuning and gt and all cars ;)
  18. G

    New Racing Skin Satsuma 1.0

    Author- Илья Мунтян
  19. J

    Stock Satsuma 1.1

    Hello There this is my stock satsuma save game Stuff Gotten: Antennas Van And truck And Wasp car (idk if it has wasps) Ratchet set. Beer Case and sausage's on table. Oh my! 1,000 downloads thank you
  20. Kecskern

    Green GT satsuma savegame! 1.0

    -7000Markka -Jokke Moved to the town -Rally Parts ordered -Green GT paintjob -Engine rebuilded -New G/T tires on the car -Suski Done