1. B

    R3_Shade 0.10

    Hey i'm Bekalo a new ppfilter maker, i'm a beginner in all of this so here is a experiment from me, the filter could not look good on your pc as i only tested it on my pc, no one now was able to download it.
  2. big243

    Best My summer car Save 2022 + inspected 1.1.2

    -Full tunning satsuma ----------------------------------------- -All keys ----------------------------------------- -Trophy gold ----------------------------------------- -computer buy ----------------------------------------- -unlimited money ----------------------------------------- -inspected...
  3. L

    General How to get rain in assetto corsa?

    IM very new to assetto corsa modding. I have version 1.78 of CSP and from what I know I should have an option for rain in weather, yet I don't. can someone help a person relatively new with this?
  4. F


    Hi, i'm Vince and i'm 14, from italy. i'm new to simracing and I'm tring to learn how go fast, starting from the kart. does anyone know a godd tutorial to start simracing? lmk! see you on track!
  5. A


    Hello My name is Mustapha Ibrahim I am a veteran 3d artist I am currently working on designing a new race track for Assetto corsa. I am new here and will love to be shown around. Thanks
  6. Pyyer

    All new Miami F1 track 2022 2.1

    If you really enjoy my stuff, you can now support me and get exclusive content at : All my mods can be found here : Get exclusive previews of all upcoming extensions : PREVIEW...
  7. Assetto Corsa - Miami 2022 Formula 1 Grand Prix Preview

    Assetto Corsa - Miami 2022 Formula 1 Grand Prix Preview

    Completely new track miami_f1 for Assetto Corsa Will be available soon at RaceDepartment
  8. T

    Any sim racers from Canada?

    I’m from Totonto and is there anyone from Canada?
  9. H


    hi im new
  10. soulstealer99

    Skin WRC i20 Splash Mario 2022-02-15

    First attempt, i will be upgrading im open for ideas and help Download the .rar , extract de body file into the skin car of the wrc i20 2017 replace body
  11. C

    Slightly more interesting than Yo or Hello

    Hi I am Cherry, just started driving Sims, have avoided any driving games for the past 30 years. But a friend introduced me to Forza Horizons 5, I bought a wheel set and was hooked. Now been playing around with ACC, PC2, AC and F1 2021. Decided that ACC and PC2 are the two I like the most but...
  12. xNash


    Hello all, I'm new to simracing and recently set up my T300 and LCM pedals. I mostly use VR or a projector to play. Formula/single seat cars or drifting is my goto, but I also dabble with GT3. I mostly play AC, ACC or iRacing with a little but of PC2 or DR2.0 thrown in. HMU if you have a group...
  13. D

    Diving in head first

    Hello sim racing world, My name is Devin and I’m new to the community. I have always enjoyed racing games on console and game pad growing up. Everything from need for speed, gran tourismo 3, forza 4, and the recent horizon releases. Once got an GT-Lite to pair with my G923 that was desk...
  14. XFrancisX

    0KM Satsuma v1.1

    Your dad have buyed a satsuma at the start of summer, They have given you the keys before they go on vacation. Now you own the satsuma Images:
  15. Assetto Corsa Competizione v1.8 Update

    Assetto Corsa Competizione v1.8 Update

    Assetto Corsa Competizione has been updated to version 1.8. In this multi-page article we are taking a look at the updates to the content, gameplay experience, significant physics updates and the graphics and user unterface. Kunos Simulazioni has released version 1.8 of Assetto Corsa...
  16. Jeffrey Gaskin

    Hello There!

    Hello Everyone, my name is Jeff! I have been with Race Department now for over a year now and am loving every moment of it! I just wanna say 'hello and welcome' to all the newcomers and great to see all of you join this wonderful group!
  17. Neue Wagen und Strecken Mods für Assetto Corsa September 2021

    Neue Wagen und Strecken Mods für Assetto Corsa September 2021

    What are the best Assetto Corsa Mods in September 2021? Lets find out! DISCLAIMER: This video is in german!
  18. Gav Elias

    What are the summer 2021 options and opinions on VR sim racing?

    I am just about to get back into sim racing and one of the things that put me off previously was the lack of immersion with a single monitor, but when I tried triple monitors they simply took up too much space and still didn't quite give me the immersion I was looking for. For this reason...
  19. juicter6000

    ASS&GAS .1

    training/train track, 2nd gear smooth flow
  20. juicter6000

    ROOTED 1.0

    very simple loop, 8 corners, 30 pits. "grassroots"