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  1. Assetto Corsa Competizione v1.8 Update

    Assetto Corsa Competizione v1.8 Update

    Assetto Corsa Competizione has been updated to version 1.8. In this multi-page article we are taking a look at the updates to the content, gameplay experience, significant physics updates and the graphics and user unterface. Kunos Simulazioni has released version 1.8 of Assetto Corsa...
  2. Jeffrey Gaskin

    Hello There!

    Hello Everyone, my name is Jeff! I have been with Race Department now for over a year now and am loving every moment of it! I just wanna say 'hello and welcome' to all the newcomers and great to see all of you join this wonderful group!
  3. Neue Wagen und Strecken Mods für Assetto Corsa September 2021

    Neue Wagen und Strecken Mods für Assetto Corsa September 2021

    What are the best Assetto Corsa Mods in September 2021? Lets find out! DISCLAIMER: This video is in german!
  4. Gav Elias

    What are the summer 2021 options and opinions on VR sim racing?

    I am just about to get back into sim racing and one of the things that put me off previously was the lack of immersion with a single monitor, but when I tried triple monitors they simply took up too much space and still didn't quite give me the immersion I was looking for. For this reason...
  5. juicter6000

    ASS&GAS .1

    training/train track, 2nd gear smooth flow
  6. juicter6000

    ROOTED 1.0

    very simple loop, 8 corners, 30 pits. "grassroots"
  7. sb_lol

    GB Motorsport (Great Britain) 1.1

    So the story line has actually two ways how to play it... 1. You play it like a new team. (basic my team) 2. You play it the original way I planed to and thats after bankrupt -> you’ve been put under administration of Great Britain new national motor sport team GB Motorsport that already been...
  8. McNasty

    MSC save game Ultimate 1.0

    You start the game with everything you need, you have 90 thousand, sit back enjoy the game, listen to the birds. *comes with Gifu truck skin*
  9. krolikk

    [Plugin] JailHarmonica 1.2

    ----> Video trailer <---- Jail Harmonica - it's gonna blow your mind as a stress reliever and fatigue booster. Lose yourself in perfectly clear notes of 5 different sounds this great instrument can play. Requirements: 1. MSC Mod Loader (link...
  10. E

    How to paint a car for gtr2 ?

    Hi im new making cars for gtr2 . can anyone help me or teach me how to paint all the car and te interiors?
  11. B

    What do you look for when buying a rig?

    Hi, I have joined this forum yesterday and already have received some great feedback about potential accessories for a race rig. I am now looking at a couple of different rigs but wondered what you guys look for in buying a new rig? What are the top three things you would consider when...
  12. B

    New to sim racing looking for advice

    Hi Everyone, I am brand new to sim racing and to these forums and I have been looking into investing in to my own rig. I have been looking at the P1-X or Trakracer R80. However, I am still looking in to which model to go ahead with. Hopefully some of you more experienced racers could help me...
  13. Rogeriosds2012

    Nextion 4.3" Project 3.3

    Olá a todos, Gostaria de apresentar meu primeiro projeto F1 2019 para uma tela do Nextion 4.3 usando algumas telas do projeto Piro Racing. Espero que não haja problemas ... Abraço a todos. Instruções de instalação: Descompacte o arquivo e coloque-o na pasta C: \ Arquivos de programas (x86)...
  14. Ghiaman1334

    Skins F1 2011 Lotus Exos S1 skin creation thread

    Hey all, I've been posting about creating the F1 2011 grid as skins on the Lotus Exos S1 in a Facebook group for a while, but after I posted a couple days ago they seem to be getting annoyed by how slow I've been designing one skin so far and how I've been taking pictures with my phone. I'm...
  15. T

    Newbie Looking For Upgrade Path (G29)

    Hey everyone! Very new here and pretty new to sim racing! A little background; I got a Logitech G29 and Assetto Corsa to primarily learn how to drift. This is my main focus and will continue to be, however I'd really like to start a little bit of actual racing in the future as well. I've been...
  16. juicter6000

    CLOVERLEAF☘️ 1.0

  17. juicter6000

    SLIP&SLIDE 0.9 (charlie build)

    Simple and fun for every one, this is a small part of a mega park i'm making. and a small gymkhana section.
  18. GamerDream124

    New Satsuma Gauges 1.2

    You need unity assets explorer for adding new texture New Things adding in new update Temperature Gauge (Coming Soon) Adding New Speedometer Texture (Coming Soon) Works in Latest Update This texture will be added in sharedassets1.assets Don't Upload this mod
  19. mandula

    December Graphics Progress Report: South City and Night Lighting

    Live for Speed developers posted a new graphics progress report - this time we get to see a work-in-progress version of South City and some screenshots and videos about the night lighting. Read the official article here: https://www.lfs.net/report-dec2019-so EDIT: progress report forum thread...
  20. D

    Sounds Creating Aventador SV Sounds (Capristo)

    Hey all! I am new to the AC modding community, and have a background in flight simulator sound modding. I am working diligently on a Capristo Exhaust for the Aventador, as I believe it captures the spirit of the car quite well, and the default sounds are too tinny, and lack the grunt of an...