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  1. Assetto Corsa VR | Working Police AI lights/sirens in Single Player mode  + police chase RPing

    Assetto Corsa VR | Working Police AI lights/sirens in Single Player mode + police chase RPing

    For rainFX turned off, skip to 3:35. Thanks to alekabul at racedepartment.com, we now have working AI police cars with functioning blinker lights and updated sirens that work in single player mode. For more details head to: https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/emergency-car-lights-for-ai.206281/
  2. A

    Better police siren sounds for the Siren Sound App 2021-08-04

    All things considered I like the Siren Sound App. The original siren has that special quality of destroying my patience and that's exactly one of the reasons such devices are being used. But for the most part I wanted something more intense and I found, cut and edited few more varied sound...
  3. A

    Cars Emergency car lights for AI

    As soon as I got some police cars with light bar I wanted to make it work on AI cars. One way of doing this is modifying the code in the config to have the extra lights turned on every time the AI headlights are on (night or bad weather by default). For example [EMISSIVE_LIGHT_...] NAME=LED_1...
  4. L

    Dodge Viper SRT Police 1.0

    Made with Photoshop... Forgive my mistakes, i have little experience... Hope you enjoy. :)
  5. R

    Top Gear "Polizia" Livery for Huracan Evo 1.0

    Recreation of the Polizia paitjob of Clarkson's Fiat Coupé from the Police car challenge of E1 S11 of Top Gear. The livery is self installing, just drop the ACC folder into the one in your documents. I hope you you'll enjoy it! Original: Not the original:
  6. P


    Hello I give you a Lithuanian police car created in 5 minutes :D Install options: 1.put car.png in 'mysummercar_Data' 2.Done
  7. Korgy

    die Safari Polizei 1

    After a night of schnapps, two Polizeimeisters got the bright idea to enter a backup Das 119e from the motorpool into the Safari rally. Unofficially, they got a decent time on the stages, but they never officially registered for the event. The vehicle remains missing to this day.
  8. Max Muster

    Mercedes 300SEL - Bluesmobil 1.0

  9. 0n3

    Japanese Police Car | Nissan Primera 1.0

    Donate : https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/SGDESIGNEU --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- if you have any advice, let me know. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Personal website ...
  10. Sviter_

    Chevrolet Camaro - Police 1.0

    Chevrolet Camaro GT4.R - Police Preview:
  11. Sviter_

    BMW M6 - Polizei 1.0

    BMW M6 GT3 - Polizei Preview:
  12. CivElox

    Audi R8 Polizei (WiP) 0.9

    Hi Guys today i will show you my Work in Progress R8 GT3. This Audi is designed like a police car of the police of saxony. Like u saw in the title the whole skin is WiP. so there willl be updates if I find wrong textures an failures in the colour of the car. please leave a comment if you find...
  13. tizio303

    Lamborghini Huracan Polizia Stradale 1.0

    I have made this replica of the Lamborghini Huracan italian police car, I have changed the exterior, interior, rims and brakes so it matches the real one. I hope you like it and have fun using it and chasing bad guys! Please be sure to rate my work!
  14. Viktoren69

    Audi TT Cup Polizia Squadra Corse 2020-05-19

    Audi TT Cup from Kunos in the fictional Polizia di Stato scheme #115
  15. Viktoren69

    Corvette C6R Polizia Squadra Corse 2020-05-10

    Polizia Chevrolet Corvette C6R - To be used with this mod: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/corvette-c6r-2013.2852/
  16. hako226

    'Singapore' Skinpack for Kunos Cars 0.9

    4 skins for Kunos cars, Singapore-style Thought I'd just release this for everyone lol Just drop cars folder into content folder in main AC folder Alfa Romeo Giulia QV - Traffic Police Car - Comfort Blue Taxi Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV - Driving Centre Learner Car Toyota Gt86 - LTA Staff Car...
  17. anejportir

    Slovenia Police car - Octavia Cup 2018 (AC) 1.0

    Slovenia Police car !My first upload! You will need the Skoda Octavia Cup 2018 by ACCentral.cz Modding team for this skin to work. Install the file into this location: assettocorsa\content\cars\acc_octavia_cup\skins You can follow me on Instagram anej.portir01
  18. TheSourceOfTheNile

    Ligier JS8 Los Angeles County Sheriff Police Cruiser 1.0

    Unfortunately there's been some pretty severe "Budget Cuts" to the Los Angeles County Police Department, and now this is the "Fast Response Vehicle" that you've been equipped with to serve its citizens.
  19. W

    Swedish 60s police afla 33 Stradale 2019-07-02

    A skin made in the theme of a 60s Swedish police car.
  20. 00Hunter00

    Police UK Livery - Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 2017 1.0

    UK Police car livery - Sim Racing Police Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 2017 T-ARV (Traffic Armed Response Vehicle) Black roof circle indicates traffic branch. In Game