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S397 Acura NSX GT3 Heinricher Racing w/ Meyer Shank Racing

S397 Acura NSX GT3 Heinricher Racing w/ Meyer Shank Racing 1.0

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Inspired by bears idea for the Acura IMSA skins from last years season I decided to paint the 2019 liveries on the McLaren 650S GT3 model from rF2.
Since the stripes from the #86 car turned out to be a real pain on the 650S I'm not sure if I'll also continue it good enough to be released so I decided to just release #57 for now.

As usual, number panels are by Isaac Chavira.


side.jpg top2.jpg front.jpg side3.jpg rear.jpg

Latest reviews

Thank you for a great job !
absolutely fantastic.
Thanks a lot for this. I hope you get car # 86 too.
The AIM Vasser Sullivan Lexus GT3 on the callaway corvette chassis would be great, too!

Thank you so much
Nice looking skin, thank you!
Hey Brototype glad I inspired you ;-) I had thought about doing this years Hondas (and that template is a pain) but real life and other skin projects got in the way. The way i figure it most people drive in cockpit view so the view of other cars is not super critical and it adds colour to the grid... btw love your skins keep it up :-)
Thank you, ways too kind! Fortunately the 650S and the NSX chassis shape are pretty similar :) Looking forward for your Bathurst 12hrs pack!
Another good looking skin. Thanks for sharing.
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