Roller Coaster Race Circuit | Test Release

Roller Coaster Race Circuit | Test Release 0.8.1

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grassfx update.jpg

Small update with Grass FX feature enabled.

Visual stuff:
* Rock models in mountain part
* New color scheme
* Graffiti on tarmac in Favelas
* New set of following cameras for Full Layout
* Some track light improvements

Next updates will come monthly.
There are some new things, and some improvements. Expect lap times to get better with added kerbs and concrete tiles behind kerbs in Favelas. New kerbs in Turn 1, cars with less grip are more forgiving now.

*All TV cameras have been improved, now the flow is better. They are all following now, no statics. Static and cinematic sets will be added after 1.0.
* Reverb zones added to all tunnels and bridges.
* DRS zones should be working correctly.
* Generated new maps and outlines in CM.
* Everything else is visual - either new or improved old stuff. Don't be afraid of marshal that looks like zombie now - texture is just a place holder.

My initial description of track was that I like F1 on it, but I realise that best cars here are GPL Mod and classic cars, like DRM Revival. B layouts are better for open wheelers.

Happy 2019!

There you go! 8 layouts total + AI on new ones.
B layout versions mean you can go through new hairpin and skip chicane.

This is enough content to race till Christmas (maybe not).

Recently I've been enjoying races with GP Legends mod, since track is really narrow. But generally it's because I originally made it for myself as hot-lapping track.

I hope to see some online races some day, too.

After several complaints about chicane killing the flow I'm putting in a hairpin before it, so now you can skip it. Only 1 layout for now, AI is not working. It is for Sprint layout, called Sprint B. Other layouts and AI will come in a week or so. That would make a total of 8 layouts for this track.

* 1 Extra layout, no AI.
* Blue/Green concrete texture on runoffs toned down.
* Distance marker size increased by 100%.

No kerbs yet on the new hairpin, after 10 laps I still don't know how to correctly approach the corner - lots of understeer and it's quite slow, but that is the best I could do to avoid the chicane area.
I just found out that last updates might have no wall collisions in Favelas. Fixed it.

And cut out some trees and created garages in pit area.
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Lollipop guy/pitbox scale and rotation fixed. Finally.

My update counting skills failed me this morning so this is the correct number, not backwards.

In city I added a few visuals and changed the red/white tarmac edge to black/white, looks more neutral.

In video there is a 2 lap race with full pack of GP Legends, 30 total cars on the grid, so my frame rate went well below 60 at times. Still fun and chaotic though.

Sorry but I just couldn't resist and made an update - this small detail brought a smile to my face when I tested it.
Small coloured triangle flags (like in photos from Himalayas) hanging in Favelas. This increases sense of speed and movement, which is one of the things I have been trying to achieve with this track.
Sprint layout is very fun with GP legends mod, btw.

0.3.1 "Pick up your rubber" update
* Rubber particles on tarmac. I feel sorry for VR users and those with older GPUs than GTX 1060. This update added another 100k polygons. I still get over 100fps on 2560x1080, but VR's fps is f*****d, I imagine.
* CASINO ZEBRA dropped in city.
* Landscape changed a little in forest area before exposed tree section.
* New kerbs added in tunnel for Sprint layout. You lazy bastards are not uploading enough videos for me to get the reference, so I figure out the placement myself. Just don't cry if there are kerbs missing in some places.

Updates will slow down now because I have other stuff to do and driving my own track is fun and takes time away too.

I'm going away from my desktop PC for a week so no updates for some time. I'll just upload what's new for now.

* Maps should be working, but they just kept glitching for me. These are generated in Content Manager and were working for me.
* Track cameras added to Sprint and City Run.
* Some more billboards in the city.
* Pit entry/exit lines on tarmac.
* Small visual adjustments.

Update for Sunday evening racing.

* Remodelled structure of tunnel (Fibonacci corner).
* Ambulance buses added.
* City LED billboards around 50% done.
* Removed/replaced some trees - more room to breathe.

P.S. Please keep uploading your laps, that way I can see where I can improve or add kerbs.

* Remodelled spectator seats.
* Another set of trees, started placing them in the city.
* Fixed mesh in mountain tunnels - now there is no light bleeding.
* Some car models and parking lots added.

Nothing much, but frequent updates are better than no updates, right?

* Start lights and the same metal frame with ROLEX logo is placed above time gates (between sectors), there are two of those on Full Course layout.
* Started work on building in the center of oval. The one in picture. Mind that small details will come later - benches, car parks, light poles, maybe people.
* Some more trees here and there, more ad banners.
A small update for your Saturday night hot-lapping. I have replaced raised kerb with a flat kerb at turn 19(?) in city, and moved a wall further away. This could improve the speed of the corner exit. And I added some sponsor banners to walls.

Happy racing!
Most important - I have updated AI. No more crashes in tunnel, no more corner cutting. Other changes:
* New skidmark (groove) texture.
* Brighter tarmac
* Brighter kerbs
* Some fences lowered (as suggested by user Please Stop This)
* Terrain details painted (not finished though)
* Barrier poles added
* Changed normals of billboard trees in the background

AI test race here:
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