Roller Coaster Race Circuit | Test Release

Roller Coaster Race Circuit | Test Release 0.8.1

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This is the first public version of my fantasy race track mod for Assetto Corsa. I usually make 3D car models for selling on Asset Store, if anyone is interested in my work, here is a link to my website (it's still in progress, will finish it when I have more time):

Anyway, since I bought a racing wheel for my PC this summer, I have been enjoying racing simulators, especially Assetto Corsa.
So I decided to make my own track for it. It's now roughly 3 months of work, and I hope to finish it in January 2019.

*About Track
More about the track now. It is fictional, located on the edge of mega-city, in future. One part goes through the mountains, and other end of the track reaches city with it's skyscrapers. In the center there is a huge loop, surrounded by seats for spectators.

*Track's Purpose

I designed the track for myself as a training ground, so I put in all the things that I find difficult to drive correctly - long corners, intense braking zones before chicanes, S's etc.

*Design choices

Just as important, I made the track "friendly" for my hardware setup - I only use one monitor setup, so driving a track like Monaco is not really enjoyable because I simply don't see the corners/apexes. So track is fast, with only a few tight corners. Also, I made track pretty narrow to learn racing between other cars. That is now showing problems - AI is always causing crashes on first laps.
From visual standpoint I tried to make it tight, with a lot of objects close to the track to enhance the sense of speed. I think I went too far with my fantasy, as there is a lot of work to do to complete everything.
My favourite tracks are classics - Spa, Monza, Red Bull Ring.
Don't ne surprised if track looks cartoony - that is done on purpose. I was getting a bit bored of most race tracks in AC and rF2 looking stale. Mostly because the grass looks dead, rotten and lights are lacking contrast. Some tracks really look like an old 3D game from 2003 with no shadows or contrast.


*Track is not very wide - around 10-12 meters.
* 4 layouts: Full course, Mountain Run, City Run and Sprint. I haven't measured it yet, but Full Course is at least 5000-7000 meters long and my best time with F1 Ferrari F2004 is 2:30. Sprint version is a lot shorter, but still takes 1:30.
* 30 pit boxes.
Main geometry is over 1 million polys, plus 3 levels of grass add roughly another 1.5 million.

TO DO after 0.6

*Rocks in the mountain section
* Finish marshal texture.
* Catwalks over track
* Chalk drawings on tarmac in Favelas
* Maybe some hot air baloons
* Sections.ini
* Static cameras
* Lamp posts
* Optimization

I make this track in my spare time, often till late at night. If you enjoy the track and want to buy me a coffee, use the button below. Thanks!

Latest updates

  1. 0.8.1 Grass FX update

    Small update with Grass FX feature enabled.
  2. Roller Coaster Race Circuit | 0.8

    Visual stuff: * Rock models in mountain part * New color scheme * Graffiti on tarmac in Favelas...
  3. Roller Coaster Race Circuit | 0.7.1

    * Custom load screens * Sol extension files

Latest reviews

It´s an awesome track.
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I love this circuit but the video always crashes after a few minutes after the start of the race.
Upvote 0
Brilliant, just brilliant. Thank you
Upvote 0
Super fun!
Upvote 0
High quality. Thank you.
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My first review is for you.
The circuit is magnificent, technical and fun.
Graphically we see that you had a lot of fun and I say: Bravo! Keep up the good work.
Thanks again for sharing.
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It´s very easy to have fun!! Good track
Upvote 0
Eye Candy to the Max!! Great job, man. Fun layout to rip in hi rev cars. Super fun!!
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Thanks for this very interesting track Eg01st - and I think I have driven some of your other tracks, as your name seems very familiar when I type it in my YouTube Channel Links. If anyone would like to check out my Hotlap in a 1977 Aston Martin V8 Vantage - then please feel free to check out this fantastic track here :-
P.S. And thankyou for giving SIMRACING604 a big shoutout in your track creation - I do a little "sight-gag" while hotlapping in the VR VIEW near the end of the video, when I reach his Billboard.
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This is legit one of my favourite fantasy circuits. May I ask you where you think it should be located? :v I got OCD for geotags. Thanx in advance.
Probably somewhere is Europe because of that old castle.
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Really enjoyed this track, as some interesting flowing sections and some nice technical sections. Flows together in a believable way and something little different to the norm. Only feedback id give is to mix up the camera angels in the long tunnel!
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Man, I always wonder if it can get any better, somehow it always does. Good for you. Thanks.
Upvote 0
It was excellent since its first release.
Still, it keeps getting better and better.
Thank you for sharing it.
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Well i tried it out and i love it. i plan to try all the layouts soon as well. Thanks man.
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Gracias y magnifico trabajo ¡¡¡¡¡
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Un travail énorme et un résultat qu'il est tout autant.
Rouler de nuit est magique , Merci !
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I'm really enjoying this track! it's something very different from a lot of the tracks already in the game. It look's especially impressive at night. I'm keen to see how the final version of this looks, keep up the great work!
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Wow great update for this track. Really improved the night lighting on this track and is a fun track to drive. Havent tried all the variations yet, but keep up the great work on your track designs
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