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  1. K

    TestTrack1 2021-07-31

    made with blender
  2. P

    Jaguar Logo test 1

    Jaguar logo test
  3. ana263

    save for test 1.04.2021

    save for test
  4. JSoria

    Lando Norris Helmet 2021 @ Bahrein tests | ACSRPH Mod 2021-03-15

    Hi! I painted a skin with the camo design of the helmet worn by Norris in Bahrein. As the title says, the skin is made to use it with the ACSPRH mod made by Marco17_ok and following the templates of JVinu2000. Hope you guys like it! Keyshot Render. If you want to support, please consider...
  5. kevink63

    AI and Rain FX for Fiorano 2017 (Speed and Test Layouts) v1.0

    Reworked fast lane, side lines, and pit lanes for Test and Speed layouts of patrikpat's Fiorano 2017. Rain FX config with stream edges/points is also included. Fog and Wet layouts were ignored as they are rendered moot,in my opinion, with the Custom Shaders Patch. You can copy the ai and data...
  6. S

    Driver: The Interview 1.0

    Made from scratch, this is the parking lot featured in the first mission of the 1999 videogame Driver. You can test your skills and your car here. Only works in practice mode or drift mode. The list from the original videogame: Burnout Handbrake Slalom 180º 360º Reverse 180º Speed Brake Test...
  7. TonyPanda

    Subaru test tracks - Bifuka proving ground (speed circuit, toge, etc...) 1.1

    G'day, mates. Latly i was working on one track, located in the north of Japan. Track, that far from being famous. This tracks is also far from motor-racing. BUT....it's kind of unique. Big test park of Subaru company, made for different types of road car testings. And being Subaru Legacy...
  8. Mein Ersteindruck zu Assetto Corsa in VR auf der Lenovo Explorer (Musste ich kotzen?)

    Mein Ersteindruck zu Assetto Corsa in VR auf der Lenovo Explorer (Musste ich kotzen?)

    Meine erste VR Erfahrung. Hat es mir gefallen? Lohnt es sich eine Lenovo Explorer für Assetto Corsa zu kaufen und musst ich kotzen? Das Alles und noch viel mehr im neuen Video!
  9. U

    Mountains Test Track 0.01

    Mountains Test Track is my first track
  10. IIhylander

    Bathurst FM7 Version AI Fast Line Test (ALPHA!) 0.1

    This is just a test at the moment that I thought I'd share for the FM7 Version of Bathurst by trying to make the AI Faster. The AI are very slow at the start and awkward and clip the wall at the cutting but once the field spreads out they are quite a challenge. I'm posting this as I need a...
  11. Mahardhika Putra Baliwa

    2013 Endless Taisan 911 Porsche GT300 Test Livery 1.0

    Credit to Tatit for Banner and metal parts. Need AGU Modding Porsche GT3R for this skin. I'll try doing Endless 2013 and 2012 livery, cannot promise too much if not too much hires image availble in internet. if you link my work you can donate in here to make me more good when make some livery...
  12. J

    Looking for help testing my race server- Assetto Corsa

    ---solved-------My server is currently running on Assetto Corsa it is called "join if you want but this is a test2" and is only holding a practice session in the dallara f317 by RSR. I would be very grateful if some people could join and let me know if it is working correctly, it will be up and...
  13. eg01st

    Poligon 0.1

    This is literally less than 24 hour project, I threw together assets from my other 2 tracks and made training ground for my mom to learn driving snakes around cones, taking correct line in corner, braking etc. I just find myself enjoying it too, so if any more people are interested, I might...
  14. eg01st

    Roller Coaster Race Circuit | Test Release 0.8.1

    Hello! This is the first public version of my fantasy race track mod for Assetto Corsa. I usually make 3D car models for selling on Asset Store, if anyone is interested in my work, here is a link to my website (it's still in progress, will finish it when I have more time)...
  15. clemfox69

    Peugeot 208 R2 Rally skin 0.9

    This is my two first skin ! There is two version : - A version based on the 208 R2 Official livery - A "test" skin My other skins for the 208 R2 : http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/peugeot-208-r2-pack-of-rally-skin.16549/...
  16. D

    Misc European v1.1 Patch for GTR 2

    Test Driver submitted a new resource: European v1.1 Patch for GTR 2 - European v1.1 Patch for GTR 2 by 10tacle Read more about this resource...
  17. ltcars

    BMW M6 GT3 Erlkönig/Camouflage 1.3

    Check out my other mods as well: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/authors/ltcars.247335/
  18. Zeusmoltar9

    1.2 Blue Flag Testing

    Test Video: For this blue flag test: 1) I chose Singapore due to its mix of both tight slow corners and fast sweeping corners. It also has two pretty good straights but is overall a power circuit. 2) I placed drivers in 1st and 12th to see the different effect of blue flags (passing back...
  19. Zeusmoltar9

    Hotfix Branch 1490121

    So the hot-fix from the test branch went live last night along with the liveries DLC. I tested out the effect it had on the Blue flags issues. I chose Phoenix as an example race and it seem as though blue flag are causing more issues than they are sloving. Here is the video here I test the...
  20. C

    HUDOne 2016 HTML Version (Might work on iOS) 0.0.4

    This is just a proof of concept for any devices with browser. You need to run a couple of commands to do it. It works on my phone, pc. I won't give any guarantee for this but started to develop it since so many people ask for iOS version of HUDOne. First you need get node.js for your PC and...