[PLUGIN] Wear Inspector

[PLUGIN] Wear Inspector 0.8.0

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Does your car randomly break down in the middle of nowhere because you had no idea in what condition your parts were in? Does Engine Fixer seem too cheaty for you? Well this mod is for you!

If you look at a part for a few seconds, a yellow text will appear on the screen telling in what condition it is in. Simply as that! No key binds, just look at it for a few seconds and it will tell you!

WearInspector pic.gif

1. Make sure you have MSCLoader installed, if not, go and install it.
2. Drop "WearInspector.dll" inside mods folder.
3. Launch My Summer Car.
4. Enjoy.
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No longer works.
Also errors when you start fire in trashcan
Great mod!
I'm sure this is a great mod somehow, However It does not do what it claims, It says use mod loader, install dll file, load game and enjoy, yeah well I did all that, the mod loader even recognizes the mod and that it is working, However when I look at any part, It just tells me the name, and says nothing about how much wear the part has, not even after a few seconds. Doesn't show anywhere on my screen. So somethings wrong here. Its not me cause I followed instructions, and I really wanted to use this mod.
Brilliant mod thx
Great mod, add to the game in a manner that seems fitting.
This is the type of mod that really should be part of the base game, it adds to the game in a way that enhances, but doesn't break gameplay. Thanks for a great mod.
It's a addition to the game that is very useful and what makes it more realistic
That's what i'm looking for!
Mod is great. But rather than going to fleetari i would like to see mod where you can order new parts for engine if it is possible.
Great addition to realism!
Awesome and very "lore-friendly", this mod fits game perfectly!
Exactly what we need in the game. Thank you!
Lovely mod!
well the engine fixer and the other "check wear tools" was way too cheaty indeed. THIS is a bit of realism. you can also inspect worn parts in RL by checking them with your own eyes. AMAZING MOD. thank you for it!
very helpful and epic!
Amazing. Didn't make sense that you couldn't tell the condition of the parts without something like MSCeditor, and the fact that it doesn't break immersion makes it even better.