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[PLUGIN] Inventory 0.6.0

Store stuff.

  1. Simon_kungen
    Alright, here is the long awaited Inventory Mod.

    Before you start commenting that I stole UltraJohn's Backpack (Inventory mod), this mod started a long time ago in the 3rd Discord MSC Modding Competition, 1 of September - 7 of September. I did not want to release it in it's current state back then, and I haven't had time to finish it until now. I felt it was a bit of a waste to just scrap it now that someone else has done a similar better working concept. So if someone wants a copy; here you go.

    "Inventory" came 2:nd in the official My Summer Car Discord server modding competition. Press "V" while looking at the item you want to store to save it to the first available slot. You can store up to three items at once (if many wants more slots just comment in the Support section)! Press "V" again while not looking at anything to open up your inventory and see your currently stored items.
    If you were to log out while still having items stored you can easily get them back by pressing the "Retrieve lost items" button in the inventory menu.

    Store anything!

    You can add your own items that can be stored to the Whitelist, the text document is located in the Assets folder:

    1. Make sure you have MSCLoader installed, if not, go and install it.
    2. Drop "Inventory.dll" inside mods folder.
    3. Drop the folder "Inventory" into "Assets" folder.
    4. Launch My Summer Car and press "V" to open the inventory and press "V" while looking at something to store it.
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Recent Reviews

  1. p3t3rp4n
    Version: 0.6.0
    Hey, This Mod is Nice, pls more Slots.. 10 or so
    1. Simon_kungen
      Author's Response
      I went with three slots because when I made this mod I went for a slightly more realistic way. That is why the default whitelist doesn't contain stuff like wheels or seats. I did do some exceptions such as beer, because you can always fit an extra beer case :).
      If more wants more than three slots, I might do that. But as of now there will be three slots.

      //Edit: I'm working on a way so you can change the amount of buttons you can have. The default will be three but you can change it however you want. I'm not sure when I can add that. As I'm kind of busy right now. But some day.