1. krolikk

    [Plugin] JailHarmonica 1.1

    ----> Video trailer <---- Jail Harmonica - it's gonna blow your mind as a stress reliever and fatigue booster. Lose yourself in perfectly clear notes of 5 different sounds this great instrument can play. Requirements: 1. MSC Mod Loader (link...
  2. Brake Point Trainer Software for Racing Driver Development

    Brake Point Trainer Software for Racing Driver Development

    In this video, I introduce you to our new Brake Point Trainer Software for driver development. This is the latest in several new pieces of software to help t...
  3. Dayz_me_rollin82

    Wiper Improvement 1.25

    Simple QOL plugin that makes the Satsuma less infuriating to use in wet conditions. You NEED modloader installed. Installation is literally just "drag and drop" into your mods folder. Comparison below.
  4. Whills

    RFE Update for rFactor Default Tracks 1.1

    This addon is made for offline players, don't download this if you often use multiplayer mode. This addon will modify the .scn and .tdf file. This addon will make the original tracks support the RFE plugin. Installation: Move all files in the 'rFactor' folder into your rFactor installation...
  5. lukester1975

    SLI-Pro and SLI-F1 plugin for SimHub

    In case it's of use to anyone else, I knocked up a quick plugin for SimHub to interface to a SLI-Pro and SLI-F1 boards. I've never been sufficiently intelligent to understand the SLIMaxManager UI and have had some issues with Fanaleds, hence the plugin. Plus it fills in a few things with...
  6. N

    SDnBChime 0.02alpha

    Description == Hello everyone. I created a mod that adds sound to an open door and an unfastened seat belt in Satsuma. Features == Play a sound when doors(left or right) is open. Play a sound when seat belt is unfastened. Future planned== Bug fixing Add speed check Add sound control in settings...
  7. O

    F2D Plugin 0.8

    Be warned! This is not a finished product. This is not userfriendly. I made this for the F2D gameservers (Bad documentation , sry) but still want to share for anyone who could use it. A basic understanding of programming (c#), databases (maria) and gameserver in general is needed. How it...
  8. E


    Satsuma 100% Stock with Inspection Played without Cheats or Mods All Versions Supported How to Install: -Open Run.exe -Write Appdata and search -Open Folder LocalLow/Amistech/MySummerCar -Paste files from zip Enjoy Game :))
  9. G

    KFC Exporter - kn5-fbx compatibility exporter plugin for Blender 0.2.1

    KFC Exporter is a plugin for Blender that adds a tweaked fbx exporter to preserve the naming structure for compatibility with the persistence material data. Use in conjunction with your kn5Conv.exe kn5Unpack.exe, This is a new alternative to using 3ds max or maya whether you are learning the...
  10. dadebolo

    Real Penalty - Client app V.1.01.00

    This is only the app for the drivers to install in AC. The app works only on the server with "Real Penalty"! Offline it can not work! Please take a look to the readme file to install and use this app! This version is compatible with the plugin version 2.04.04 or newer. If you are an...
  11. K

    Cousin Tracker - Get warnings when your cousin is speeding toward you. 0.2.2

    A very simple mod for me to learn modding MSC. This mod gives you a few heads up before your cousin comes around a corner at full speed. It uses the subtitles to send a few warnings when your cousin closes in. The distance it detects and reports your cousin at, can be adjusted in mod...
  12. M

    My Summer Car Autosave 1.2

    This plugin will save your game every minute. I can't fix the lag each time it saves. If you like my work, you can subscribe here. When it teleports you to the menu, do not press continue! Your game will load twice.
  13. Thiago Mohr da Silveira

    SaveAnywhere 1.0

    This mod allows to save the game anywhere. Alt+S to save your game
  14. A

    Actual Mop 1.0.3

    Actual Mop adds a... Mop to My Summer Car, which lets you clean the urine stains in your home! Visit project's GitHub repository to learn more! Requirements My Summer Car (newest release) MSC Mod Loader 1.1.5 Windows operating system (this mod will not work on macOS or Linux, due to required...
  15. Hawk031

    Eagle Eye Item Inspector 0.2.1

    Info: Please report all bugs/suggestions/questions in Discussion! Features: Shows a subtitle on the currently picked up object and shows whats left(fluid) in it low performance cost (only runs when mouse button is clicked and if any of the known cases finds a match) works on Coolant/Motor...
  16. Hawk031

    Dynamite Revived 1.1.0

    Features: Explosives in a box at the quarry area finite or infinite dynamite sticks your choise in modsettings(v1.1.0) reset box option in modsettings Planned features: secret Known bugs: (report them in Discussion please) nothing so far Known mod compatibility issues nothing known...
  17. Hawk031

    Sports Bag Revived 1.1.0

    Info: Please report all bugs/suggestions/questions in Discussion! Features: A bag you can transport items in it if you close the bag the items inside are bound much stronger and they should be invisible inside the bag reset bag option in modsettings How to use: Get items put it inside the...
  18. Hawk031

    TowMyBoatPlease 1.0.2

    Features: Teleportation of your boat to preset locations calculation of tow costs by distance option to teleport items in surrounding area around the boat. (items should land inside boat(costs 200 extra unless cheatmode)) moneyfree cheatmode can be enabled in mod settings adjustable slider for...
  19. Hawk031

    ReadyOrNotKilju 1.2.0

    Modinfo: Shows a subtitle if your kilju bucket is ready, thats the most natural way I thought about. Can be adjusted in modsetting from 1 to 30 minutes and random time. thats it! :p Known bugs: (report them in Discussion please) nothing so far How to install: Make sure you have MSC Mod...
  20. Hawk031

    Moonshine Still Revived 1.3.3

    Info: Please report all bugs/suggestions/questions in Discussion! Features: A working still to distill pontikka (moonshine) A fully voice acted NPC to sell it to adjustable sellprices in modsettings(0.5 to 5.0) new NPC locations(can be turned off with legacy mode in modsettings) easy mode...