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Nissan Primera BTCC PSD template 1.3

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here is a PSD template for the primera in double resolution then what I use in-game

resolution is 6144x3072,
I would do all my paint in that resolution, and then downscale it to 3072x4096, to get some finer transition, smoothing,

I'm new to these forums, don't know if tempates are suppose to be part of the mods, or separate thread
please let me know if I did it wrong

Latest updates

  1. small details added

    Added some small details that were missing previously
  2. new template for headlight glass

    updating templates with headlight glass that you can use to put custom logos on the headlight...
  3. rim template included

    added rim template, added texture_info giving some additional information to textures used

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Working on a livery after leaving PS alone for ages, thanks for sharing!
Great car already, very impressive work. Thanks for your efforts.
very good
Patrik Marek
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