NFS Tournament Class B

NFS Tournament Class B 1.4

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The 911 keeps getting better, and older content isn't left behind. Thanks for the continued support!
What an amazing work !! Better than Kunos :) Thank you very much for this
Incredible mod.
Looks like it was made by kunos
Abs amazing especially porsche.
thx bro
u r one of the greatest. THx , also for a 993 Turbo version
sempre aggiornamenti top!
Absolutely love the Porsche. The Viper is greatly improved since my last recollection. Overall, very impressive. Thank you for sharing.
Thanks for the update, much appreciated...will need to update server ..we will be racing both A class and B in the very near future, two separate events.
This is where AC is so fascinating still~
Finally, a 993 for Assetto Corsa! Should have been in the game from day one. Stunning detail in and out. What a beauty!
Absolutely superb quality, congratulations on completing the NFS cars Dan. A must have for anyones virtual garage!
Thx my friend... I donated few dollars for you.. You deserve!
Awesome job.. I hope to see the 911 finished as well
No comment .. <3
The 993 is so much fun! Thank you for those gems.
Great job yall. The 993 looks amazing and is very nice to drive.
Many thanks for this models!
If you love old Porsches, this is a superb & must have 993 mod! Thx
Absolutely fantastic from sound to models. Everything is perfect! Fantastic to drive around Shutoko in the night.
Great models, they fit in perfectly with the Kunos cars. They also sound great and drive great. One of the best, if not the best, car mods I've used.
Absolutely amazing content. Love the 993. Thanks so much!
True Masterclass. Simple as that.
Another must have for AC :)
Love this NFS homage. The cars are beautiful and have enabled me to relive the glory days!! Thanks so much for all of you for all your work- it is appreciated massively
This carrera must be the most complete mod ever in terms of the whole visuals+physics+sound package. Each element of it is at least brilliant. Worthy tribute to the great car that the 993 undoubtedly is.
Awesome! thanks