Lifter 8.4

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Hello! my 2 mod! add an elevator to the game to make the work more comfortable :)
I'm sorry for my English.

-Requires Modloader.

Place lifter.dll and Assets folder into your Mods folder.

Future Planned:

let me know if you find any bug.thx!

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Latest updates

  1. Lifter Updated!

    V. 8.4 : ------- -Fixed drop fps when satsuma touch floor lifter. -Retouched the floor model so...
  2. Lifter Updated!

    V. 8.3 : ------- -Added option in "CTRL + M" in mod settings to clean saves generated by this...
  3. Lifter Updated!

    V 8.2 : --Updated to ModLoader 0.4.0.
  4. Lifter Updated!

    Change Log: ========= V 8.1 : --Improve getting components.
  5. Lifter Updated!

    Change Log: ========= V 8.0 : --Now lifter need to buy. --Now lifter consume kwh. --Now lifter...

Latest reviews

update please
doesnt work for me says it threw too many errors
did not work
It would be a great mod if it worked... pls fix it :(
I like it, I got to use it and then when I got off and got back on it said too many errors can you please fix this mod
thown to many errors mod disabled Fix Please
,,Lifter has been disabled beacuse thor too many errors'' Fix that man please
non work say : lifter distabiled because making to many errors
Hey! I love this mod but can you update pls? All the community wait for update! You are in the top 10 of most downloaded mods! You will lost your position if you dont listen to your community. So we will continu to be patient and I hope that you will take this comment and that of the other members into account. (sorry for my english my first language is french ;) )
to many error
the best mod ever but it does not work please fix it
Keep getting an error message too many errors in mod loader has disabled this mod, Please Fix this as it was a good mod and very handy
mod has been disable too many errors , nah , fix it
It is good but it doesn't work with the new loader.
mod concept sounds awesome. if only it wasn't so terrible that it was disabled when i opened the game. game console says that it was disabled because it gave too many errors. fix now please.
Clean save??????
What does it mean and why its not working
Hey please fix the mod, it doesn't work with the new modloader. Thanks!
Isn't working because to many errors
,,Lifter has been disabled beacuse thor too many errors'' Fix that man
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