1. T

    Satuma Turbocharger mod have white box in engine

    So in the mod Satuma Turbocharger i have some white boxes in engine bay I have MOP mode and I force reload but didn't work how to repair this??
  2. RedJohn260

    Satsuma New Rear Lights 2018-06-08

    New rear lights for satsuma. Turning signals are not working for some reason. Files for manual installation included. Installation: Put SatsumaNewRearLights.exe into your game folder then run it. Manual installation: If you gonna install it manually then you already know what to do. it's...
  3. RedJohn260

    [PLUGIN] Bad Look Hood For Satsuma 1.1

    I am leaving racedepartment and not gonna further upload, update or support my mods on this site. All of the future updates and dvelopment of my mods, will be continued on Nexus. To check out the new updates go on this link: https://www.*********.com/users/20339129?tab=user+files Now Updated...
  4. kunedo

    Fresh Water 9.4

    Description: =========== Hello! , today I bring you a new mod that adds a coffee machine! and the precious bottles of water! Coffee machine is in house, 3 coffe cups in kitchen , water bottle and pot coffee beans in store! Coffee machine has become obsolete and only keep the boxes and water...
  5. kunedo

    SafeBox(Outdated) 3.1

    Description: =========== Hello! my 3 mod! add an safe box for secure items. aim door press mouse left for open , press F for block safebox. I'm sorry for my English. Requirements: ============ -Requires Modloader. Installation: ============ Place safebox.dll and Assets folder into your Mods...
  6. kunedo

    Lifter 8.6

    Description: =========== Hello! my 2 mod! add an elevator to the game to make the work more comfortable :) I'm sorry for my English. Requirements: ============ -Requires Modloader. Installation: ============ Place lifter.dll and Assets folder into your Mods folder. Future Planned...