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New House 4.9

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Hello! I bring you a mod that will add a house to buy next to the jumps, this mod requires a medium high pc.
This mod is in alpha, textures are provisional, there is still a lot of work, patience!

thanks to Radex for the video.

In order for function of the new house to be functional phone and map, the old house must not be burned.

I'm sorry for my English.

-Do not go to sleep in the new house smoking or your old house will burn!
-if you want to play your songs on the radio of the new house you just have to put them in "Mods / Config / NewHouse /'here '" remember that they must be in MP3 format no matter the name.
-put the images in "/ Images" but do not change the name or format of the file. all images end in -newhouse.png.

Press button number 1 to exit mode edit house, press button number 3 to enter mode edit house.

-Requires Modloader latest version.

Place NewHouse.dll and Assets folder into your Mods folder and place images in folder Images.

Future Planned:
-Add more furniture to buy.

let me know if you find any bug.thx!

If you like my work? you can support me, even a small amount helps a lot.
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    V. 4.5 : ------- -Updated to ModLoader 0.4.3. -Removed Sprays. -Not tested with old saves.

Latest reviews

Very nice mod. Unfortunately, if we buy a house and do not save the game, we must restart the mod. And you have to point the pointer exactly on the red button on the remote control to open the gate. I only have problems with the letter with additional items. Namely, the letter disappears in the mailbox and after a week nothing works.
Awesome, though it does have a few small problems, the extra Diesel Can and Gas can return to the garage, empty, after saving and reloading,Shower is a bit buggy and you have to stand in EXACTLY the right spot to get anything out of it, Same with the faucet and stuff, but all in all really the only issues i ran into, although i would like to see it keep the gate open unless i close when saving and reloading, this is a minor detail,, all in all. fantastic, works great,
I can't buy the actual house but everything in the files is correct please help.
It works and everything is good but how do I open the front gate the remote isn’t working
I have not been able to buy the house and am wondering if anyone knows where to put certain files. it loads i just cannot buy the house.
someone that have already payed for the house please send me ur saved game because its not working for me
Hi, I buy the house and keep it and when I come back I have to buy the new house, help
Im buying furni, after teimo calling i went to shop, and nothing there. can you help?
newhouse is working,no errors but i can't see this house plz help!
it does not work,i see the house but i can t buy it or interact with it
first purchase house , at the entrance door, there is a sign for sale.
Holy **** man, I was just thinking about this mod.
furniture on the second page isnt spawning in my house when i buy it and there is grass in some parts of the floor
When you buy the furniture you should see a envelope to send to the mailbox of the store.
where is the furniture when you buy it i cant find it at tiemos
furniture buy in magazine house , not in magazine garage. at teimos buy steaks but for the moment barbecue its bug.
thanks for the update!
please update Coffe machine too, I love this mod
Finally mod is working
basket balls keep multiplying in my garage and it makes my game lag
please help
at least he put outdated in the title
no working
it has too many errors
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