Lifter 8.4

No permission to download
update please
doesnt work for me says it threw too many errors
did not work
It would be a great mod if it worked... pls fix it :(
I like it, I got to use it and then when I got off and got back on it said too many errors can you please fix this mod
thown to many errors mod disabled Fix Please
,,Lifter has been disabled beacuse thor too many errors'' Fix that man please
non work say : lifter distabiled because making to many errors
Hey! I love this mod but can you update pls? All the community wait for update! You are in the top 10 of most downloaded mods! You will lost your position if you dont listen to your community. So we will continu to be patient and I hope that you will take this comment and that of the other members into account. (sorry for my english my first language is french ;) )
to many error
the best mod ever but it does not work please fix it
Keep getting an error message too many errors in mod loader has disabled this mod, Please Fix this as it was a good mod and very handy
mod has been disable too many errors , nah , fix it
It is good but it doesn't work with the new loader.
mod concept sounds awesome. if only it wasn't so terrible that it was disabled when i opened the game. game console says that it was disabled because it gave too many errors. fix now please.
Clean save??????
What does it mean and why its not working
Hey please fix the mod, it doesn't work with the new modloader. Thanks!
Isn't working because to many errors
,,Lifter has been disabled beacuse thor too many errors'' Fix that man
i cant get it to work
The mod is fantastic, my main issues are that the light is a bit bright, and the lift is insanely slow. Easy on fps and all, although it does have a few issues, and is occasionally disabled by the Modloader.
i load MSC but it no shows for me what to i do?
Uh.. When im joins My summer car In see in console
Lifter Is not a mod Delete this
Can u haelp meh?
Fps drop...
In the experimental version there is a bush in the table and it is very disturbing .. Could it be good to remove it somehow? Evidence:
I lost my portable trash can(Basura). Could somebody help me please ?
Best mod for me :D
Can you make the garage a little bit bigger because when i'm working on the satsuma, it's kinda hard to move around. Also not a lot of space for storage. (It quite an easy fix... all you got to do is to duplicate the garage. I don't know how hard it was to script the lifter, so if you're a little bit lazy you can just delete the second lifter.. Btw it doesn't need to be perfect)
Great asset. It's functional and makes looking around the engine bay super easy. It also looks nice and the lighting works well at night. It's refreshing to have new stuff in the game. Thanks.
Works and looks great. But when enabled, FPS drops to 20.
It's good, I love it. But when I put the Satsuma on the lifter, my FPS goes down to 10. That's my only issue with the mod.
in the next update I fix it, by using the experimental version, the satsuma wheels change and the mod is not ready for the experimental version.
Not bad. I enjoyed it! I can repair suspension without different moves and dances! Hey, maybe you create something for a "New House"? It should fit it (I hope "fit" is a right word))
gday mate 5 stars but can u plz add little ramps that allow the car to get onto the lifter that would be awesome add on to it.
Could you add windowed doors both sides
help it looks good, but it says need electricity i dont get it
lifter uses the electricity of the house, if the house does not have electricity the lifter either.
you says you must buy it but where pls answer fast thanks
next to the garage you have to see a poster of sold, if you do not see it, the mod is not installed correctly.
Very helpful.
So useful building the car in general, less annoyance of the pit. Also well done.
Very useful but my only problem is whenever I load the game items fall through the shelves and tables
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