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Krisdix's 2019 Season Mod 2.3

F1 2019 Season Mod

  1. Chinese GP Update & UI update

    Chinese GP Update:
    Updated Chinese GP Car Performance
    Updated UI elements Thank's to @sevi



  2. Livery updates

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  3. McLaren Hands Fix

    Fixed McLaren hands
  4. Bahrain GP Update + Bug Fixes

    2.1 Update:
    -Updated McLaren livery with Vype
    -Updated Ferrari team wear with Mission Winnow
    -Updated Ferrari Helmets to Mission Winnow
    -Updated Ferrari to have 90 Years above number
    -Updated Alfa Romeo to @jburon72 version.
    -Fixed Ricciardo's face in game career hub
    -Fixed all Language issues with driver names
    -Added the last of the 2019 Helmets:
    Russell @Taslisman
    Hamilton @talisman
    Raikkonen @talisman
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  5. Simple install

    Update 2.01

    Due to people not installing the mod correctly I removed the other folder.

    Just drag and drop the F1 2018 Folder into your Steam Common folder.

    Make sure it is 100% Vanilla or you will have issues.

    Use Winrar, other extractors have caused issues.

    Any issues with driver names will be looked at in 2.1

    There is 0 issue with installing this mod and it running properly.
    If you experience crashing lower your graphic settings as cars have higher textures to get them to work.
  6. 2019 Season Mod 2.0! GAME CHANGING UPDATE!

    HUGE UPDATE FOR 2.0!!!!!

    -All 10 teams now on original chassis
    -Added Race Suits
    -Added Team Wear
    -Added Pit Crew
    -Updated all driver images
    -Updated Car Selection Screen
    -Updated Ui
    -2019 Australian GP Performance
    -Driver faces now appear everywhere
    -Updated Toro Rosso Livery (AUS)
    -Updated Ferrari Livery (AUS)
    -Updated McLaren Livery (AUS)
    -Updated Alfa Livery (AUS)
    -Added Hamilton Helmet @talisman
    -Added Stroll Helmet @Joofcorner
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  7. Added Alfa Romeo Livery, Updated Ferrari No Mission Winnow Updated Ui Images +more

    Update 1.8:
    Added Alfa Romeo Livery
    Updated Ferrari Livery No Mission Winnow Sponsors
    Updated Ferrari Pit crew No Mission Winnow Sponsors
    Updated Ferrari Team wear No Mission Winnow Sponsors
    Updated Ferrari Race Suits No Mission Winnow Sponsors
    Updated Ferrari Career Hub No Mission Winnow Sponsors
    Updated Ferrari UI No Mission Winnow Sponsors
    Updated Menu Images to current livery's

  8. Fixed Red Bull Green Patch, Fixed Career Hub for Red Bull & Racing Point Added GIO Helmets

    Update 1.7:
    Fixed Red Bull green patch near cockpit
    Fixed fuzziness on Red Bull Career Hub
    Fixed fuzziness on Racing Point Career Hub
    Updated Alfa Romeo Racing Career Hub
    Added Giovinazzi Helmet @Aitze
    Added Raikkonen Helmet @talisman


  9. Version 1.6 French Language fix, UI Update, Career hub update and more

    Update 1.6:
    Added Mercedes Race suit
    Added Haas Race Suit
    Updated UI For all teams select cars
    Updated Red Bull Career Hub
    Updated Toro Rosso Career Hub
    Updated Racing Point Career Hub
    Updated Racing Point logos
    Updated Red Bull & Toro Rosso Race wear and pit crew
    Updated Ferrari name to Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow
    Updated Racing Point to SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team
    Fixed French Language
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    F1 2019 Season Mod Update 1.5




  11. Added Mercedes Livery & Renault Livery

  12. 1.4 Update fix

    Umm, we'll just ignore that ;)
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  13. Added Williams Livery Added Toro Rosso Livery. Fixed Italian Language bug and more

    Patch 1.4:
    • Added Williams livery Credit @KeisariKine
    • Added Toro Rosso livery
    • Updated Williams ch
    • Updated Toro Rosso Career Hub
    • Updated ROKiT Williams Racing Name
    • updated car select
    • fixed Italian RUS name
    • Fixed ITALIAN MCL Name
    • Added Kvyat Helmet Credit @Dimitar Vitanov
  14. Haas Livery Update, RB, Haas, Alfa, Ren & Ferrari Team Wear, Alfa Romeo Racing

    A huge update guys here is what's been updated.
    • Haas Rich Energy Livery
    • Haas Team Wear
    • Haas Race Suits
    • Alfa Romeo Career Hub
    • Alfa Romeo Team Wear
    • Alfa Romeo Race Suits
    • Red Bull Race Suits
    • Red Bull Team Wear
    • Red Bull Pit Wear
    • Verstappen Helmet Credit @Dimitar Vitanov
    • Ferrari Race Suot
    • Ferrari Team Wear
    • Renault Team Wear
    • Fix for Polish langage: Sirotkin still there instead of Russell
  15. Added Languages

    Added Languages for

    All drivers and team names will be correct!
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  16. Update for Download help

    Added additional download for people who have issues.
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