You are allowed to include the helmet in any livery/season mod, but don't forget to credit :)
Sebastian Vettel 2019 helmet (at least 1st helmet lol)
reviews and feedback appreciated

Installation guide in download
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Dimitar Vitanov
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partner, you can do one without "Mission Winnow"
Is it possible to make this available to the player? Anyways great work!
i rami'd the 5 star rating with my whammy whilst shagging ----
amazing,thanks a lot
Amazing helmet, are you still playing the beta? or did you edit the work in progress watermark onto the image?
Dimitar Vitanov
Dimitar Vitanov
I use the dx12 beta :)
That's quick. Can you make his Singapore or his Abu Dhabi helmet!!!
Dimitar Vitanov
Dimitar Vitanov
Thanks! At the moment i have other priorities like 2019 helmets. Later on we might see
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