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McLaren MCL34 Mod 1.1

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Hello and welcome to the installation of the McLaren MCL34 mod for F1 2018 PC.


You must have previously installed the F1 2019 Krisdix mod to work properly! > https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/krisdixs-2019-season-mod.25099/

Once you install the Krisdix mod:
- Go to the folder of the McLaren mod
- Copy the 2 folders inside the directory where F1 2018 is installed and paste it

This mod is included in F1 2019 Krisdix Mod (https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/krisdixs-2019-season-mod.25099/)

If you have any questions you can do it from the support area.


I hope you liked it!

Latest updates

  1. McLaren MCL34 Update [1.1]

    This new version fix some issues of the previous version: - The sponsors didn´t look totally...

Latest reviews

Look awesome, but why not make a version who works without the Krisdix's mod :)?
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It is perfect! Just one thing. In the folders you gave, on the vehicle package you forgot "mclaren" folder, it goes from "teams" to "textures". But the skin is perfect!
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Happy to help ;)
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Can you make Jordan 191 in a Modern Livery? It will replace Force India AKA Racing Point.

Suit: https://cdn-4.latimages.com/images/mgl/EBXeq/s4/tcd0417de09.jpg

Livery: https://cdn-5.latimages.com/images/mgl/AkzpV/s4/open-uri20120928-6668-1o5ek10.jpg
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Its good but in my game its all blurry until a fix 4 stars
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Sevi sube MiCarrera xd
Upvote 0
Fantastic effort!!!
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Gran trabajo Sevi
Upvote 0
I know how difficult this is top job man!!
Thank you mate! Feel free to use it for your mod / change it
(If you need me to send you some files by private let me know :))
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The sponsor logos and halo texture look fuzzy and spongy.

does anyone have the problem? With krisdixs file I don't have the problem.
For some areas of the car I have placed sponsors although they were blurred, to try to get as close as possible to the real car. There are some areas of the Williams chassis where you can barely place anything
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awesome work!!
Thank you mate!
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very nice
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4.67 star(s) 12 ratings

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