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Krisdix's 2019 Season Mod Track-Pack

Krisdix's 2019 Season Mod Track-Pack 3.0

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Hello and welcome to the fourth instalment of my season mods, the 2019 Season Mod.

Link to 2019 Season mod: HERE

What is in this Mod:
-All 10 team garages updated
-All 10 teams pit stands updated
-All 10 team garage overheads updated
-Replaced F1 2018 Sponsor boards with Heineken/others
-Replaced Fanatec Sponsor boards with Heineken/others
-Updated Fly Emirates boards
-Updated Podium boards
-Updated Rolex clocks at end of pit lane
2019 Rolex Australian Grand Prix

How to install:
So for each track there is two folders. One for the track and another one for changing back to original.

Each track should be used at only one time!!!!!!

So if you wan't to race China, after using the mod at Australia, copy the folder "Restore Back To Normal" into the game directory before playing.

This is to prevent any issues with other tracks as sponsors on most are track specific but only allow one mipmap.

What is next:
-Update every circuit
-Update every circuit each race weekend until complete

Support And Fixes:
If you encounter any issues with your game please make sure that you use a clean install. If that does not work then please direct message me about your issue, or post in the support tab. Do not leave a 1* review because of an issue we can work through together.


If you enjoy the mods I make and wan't to help out with future mods, then feel free to click the blue button below!

Latest updates

  1. Added the 2019 Heineken Chinese Grand Prix

    Update 3.0: -Added Heineken sponsor -Added Emitates Fly Better -Added Main Grandstand Heineken...
  2. Added The 2019 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix Track Sponsors

    Update 2.0 -Added Gulf Air Sponsors + Decal + Brake Board + Lights -Added Liqui Molly Sponsors +...

Latest reviews

I'ts a great mod, congrats. But have some issues, Hamilton is called Wehrlein xD
Other drivers are also changed names.
And the classification and end of race screen is practically clean, only with the names of the drivers, without a background image according to the teams, But i'm having fun with this mod, thx man.
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it's good work thank you
Upvote 0
would i be able to use all £ tracks once i copied them over mate?or do you only use one at a time? thanks
I would use one at a time bud, it stops any issues and it would also stop the game from loosing fps :)
Upvote 0
very good
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work it online / multiplayer ?
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nice mod
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Really nice Job!
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987 bytes
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