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Krisdix's 2019 Season Mod

Krisdix's 2019 Season Mod 2.3

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Hello and welcome to the fourth instalment of my season mods, the 2019 Season Mod.

See this mod in action!!!

What is in this Mod:
- 2019 Driver line up (Leclerc (FER) Gasly (RBR) Kubica (WIL)
- All 10 Team Livery's On Original Chassis
- 17/20 new helmets
- 2019 Teams wear
- 2019 Teams Pit crew
- Fully upgraded Career Hub
- Australian Grand Prix Car Performance
- New UI (Driver Select, Car Select, Career Selection Etc)
- New Main Menu

How to install:
So for this mod I have suffered no crashing compared to 2018's which was plagued with loads. Remember Vanilla installation to assure no unnecessary issue form and backup your game.


Languages Include:
  • Brazilian
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Spanish

What is next:
-Update to 2019 Real Performance
-Include track sponsors and pit lane

Support And Fixes:
If you encounter any issues with your game please make sure that you use a clean install. If that does not work then please direct message me about your issue, or post in the support tab. Do not leave a 1* review because of an issue we can work through together


Thanks to these other modders for their textures:
Dimitar Vitanov

Any feedback will be welcomed!!!

File size
727 bytes
First release
Last update
4.50 star(s) 224 ratings

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Latest reviews

The mod is working fine and you have done a very good job as usual, but the game is showing driver names as previous year's lineup, is there any fix available?
Very good job Krisdix
Awesome mod, big thanks!!

Is there any chance of getting engine sounds from 2016 into this mod?
nao consigo baixar
Amazing mod, thank you for your work!
Hi Kris, I installed your mod on my F1 2018 (pirate) and the models of cars and helmets work for me, but when selecting a driver, the names of 2018 appear can you help me?
Hi Kris, I installed your mod on my F1 2018 (pirate) and the models of cars and helmets work for me, but when selecting a driver, the names of 2018 appear can you help me?
Congrats! It's an AMAZING mod! Better, than original F1 2019 videogame. :') Can you make the Mission Winnow Ferrari livery?
Trava no loading de entrada para a pista, não tem o que faça que dê certo coloquei a steam em modo off line também não deu certo, uma tremenda enganação não baixem não vale a pena
its work but its stuck loading screen..?? what a do
Dude :( it works fine but the driver's names doesn't change, for e.g i see leclerc in the photo and i see his name is still 'Kimi Raikkonen'
stuck in loading screen
Perfect, congrats.
It works but it bans me on multiplayer
Great mod Man! I wanna the same skin model Alfa Romeo in the game like on your video from monaco circuit. It looks like car from Williams with Alfa Romeo colours. I suppose someone would like to know how to change it :)
Need more updates :)
NICE !!!
i have a problem it works perfectly but it doesnt change the liveries what do i do
very good mod, but I have a problem, at each end of the race, the loading is infinite and I can not move to the next race. You have a solution ?
is this compatible with real damage mod¿
when is another mod please
Compatible with Real Damage ?..Thanks
great,amazing work.
keep it up....
Great mod, thank you