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So here it is. It took me nearly two years to finish this track. Enjoy, but please notice the following advises.
This is a highly detailed track, so I do think a lot of you will get high frame rate issues.

New folder structure, so if you update from your previous Goodwood version: Please delete "goodwood_hillclimb" in your tracks folder.

Attention: BLM Lights users will get a crash to desktop with activated App.
So please download the latest version of BLM Lights and add g333_goodwood_hillclimb in excluded_user.ini
or disable BLM Lights App.

This track is very demanding and might not run on older systems. If you have low fps please try to set track details to medium and use LQ version of the track.

The track is optimised for Custom Shaders Patch and SOL.
If you run a vanilla AC you won't have all the goodies.



HQ versions should be used with CSP and stFlow shader installed
LQ versions for people having issues with that.
Both layouts have a wet variant too.

This is a hill climb track. Works best in practice mode.
but you can also do trackdays with up to 29 opponents,
race mode do also work (nonsense for hillclimb),
time attack mode is not supported.


So here is a little story about my relation to the Goodwood Festival of Speed:
After watching the annual FoS broadcasts and having the lack of this circuit in AC and other sims (AFAIK only GT6 featured the 2012 version of it) I decided to try this project after finishing my Borgloh track.
Thanks to open LIDAR and YouTube I was able to find good resources for modeling the 2017 version.

The Festival of Speed 2017 was held from June 29 to July 2. It celebrated 70 years of Ferrari, 50 years of AMG and Bernie Ecclestone. The central sculpture honors the "Five Ages of Ecclestone". And if you look closely you can spot Bernie on the Goodwood house balcony watching you trying to break the lap record.

In 2018 I finally visit the FoS. What a great experience. And I get the chance of seeing parts of the track you don't find online (like the top paddock) and taking millions of photos for texture work.

if you want to donate via PayPal:

And now: Have fun!

goodwood_hillclimb_screenshot_01.jpg goodwood_hillclimb_screenshot_02.jpg goodwood_hillclimb_screenshot_03.jpg goodwood_hillclimb_screenshot_04.jpg goodwood_hillclimb_screenshot_05.jpg goodwood_hillclimb_screenshot_06.jpg


If you are interested in what it's like to be there in real life take a look at this great video footage of Stavros969:

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Latest updates

  1. added online track variant

    for solving the "driving in wrong direction" issue. I simply deleted the AI - Hope this will...
  2. added RainFX

    for CSP 0.1.69-preview
  3. hotfix

    - fixed track cameras Track cameras are still not perfect. They are based on the FOS broadcast...

Latest reviews

Awesome. Didn't take me long to find out the hay bales are not solid walls and go flying on contact...
I have been using this track for testing all of the new cars I download. I have now reached the 555km "milestone" on your Goodwood mod and can confirm that it's great ! Keep up the good work !
Fantastic, thanks so much for this track!
ive used this mod for a long time and it was flawless until I went onto the newer patches of CSP and now I have people who appear as a mass of black pixels which in replays kinda take over my screen. If this is a me problem I would much appreciate advice.
I can't reproduce this issue on my machine. But it might be this CSP bug?
The map is really cool but I don't have spectator except one in the bleachers
try track details set to max - hope this helps
Excellent track with so much detail. I obviously don't know that some of the hay bales move when you crash into them because I never brake too late. ;)
Good map quality, just need more grass in parking lot and somehow in trackday mode the AIs aren't work well, but still give 5 stars for the quality
Absolutely the best track EVER
I rarely post reviews, but this map left me no choice.

I downloaded it very long time ago, but have only driven it just now and damn I've been missing out.

The amount of details in the track and its surroundings really tell how much love and care went into its creation: you've got the crowd that's decently animated, you can hear announcer in the distance, planes and helicopters flying in the sky.

I have never been to Festival of Speed, and I doubt I ever will be able to, but this mod, especially in VR, gave me an experience I will be remembering for many days to come.
Great track and layouts, very well made! Small audio issue where car audio cuts out a bit just in front of the starting line, but that's it!
YOU ARE A CRIMINAL!!! You're just a criminal for giving this for free man pffff.... Thank youuuuu!
Thanks to this track I can feel like a billionaire flashing his car collection to a very rich audience. Priceless ! But more seriously: great work, thanks for sharing.
Brilliant work, Love FoS (7yrs in a row!) and got to drive it a few times before Thursday's Moving Motor Show format got changed. So much fun blasting up...and down! the hillclimb.
Magnificent work on this incredible Goodwood track.
Congrats & thank you for sharing ;)
does not work
Thanks for this review!
Could be a PEBCAK.
A wonderful and well-detailed track! Top job.
Fantastic work, thanks for bringing this to AC and such high quality too :-D
WOW!!! This is one of the ABSOLUTE BEST tracks out there!
So much love for details and generally the vibe at this event. LOVE IT!
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