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Borgloh 2.05

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I am happy to announce my first track for assetto corsa.
It's the location of the annual Bergrennen Osnabrück at Borgloh. The most northern hill climb in Germany.

I tried to be as precise as possible without having LIDAR or laserscan technology. (update: now with LIDAR data in v.2.00)

Big thanks to the AC modding community all over the internet especially at assettocorsamods.net

if you want to donate via paypal ;) :

g333_borgloh_902.jpg g333_borgloh_901.jpg

Latest updates

  1. added RainFX

    for CSP 0.1.69-preview
  2. timing error fix

    Thanks Ulises1980 for letting me know.
  3. small sponsor logo fix

    small sponsor logo fix on pre start banners

Latest reviews

Fantastic work! I live right around the corner and you absolutely nailed this track!
Thanks, maybe see you on the real event this summer.
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Excellent track!
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I don't know the real track but this is an absolutely fantastic addition to AC, really well put together and really enjoyable to drive
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one of the most fun making and realistic tracks in AC. Thanks for the update!
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Top job..Thanks!
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awesome track and always improving
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Looks very cool, I'll give a shot tonight :)
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track comes to light ? Thank
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timing ko, i don't know why?
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Just want to say amazing touch to details, ambient, color and shadow scheme is top notch no settings needed for SOL with A3PP filter and CSP 1.60, amazing work!!! Trees, trackside objects, textures, everything!!! My test track to car handling of every new model. Appreciate your work.
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Very good, must have update over the last one. Looks great, excellent layout.
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one of the best hillclimbs, very realistic compared to the original. Thank you!
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wonderful hillclimb track
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Very nice!
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Perfect Hill Climb Track !!!!
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0k =)
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File size
104.7 MB
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User rating
4.88 star(s) 93 ratings

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