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hill climb

  1. P

    Subida A La Bajita (GOOGLE Translate " low rise") BETA 0.1

    _____________________GOOGLE TRANSLATE_______________________ well this is a small contribution to assetto corsa, the truth is that I was expecting to finish it 100% due to a failure in the computer has made me lose the project, what a bad luck :( but they are things of fate, I leave what I could...
  2. G

    Igidae Park in Busan 1.02

    Igidae Park Location: Busan, South Korea Length: 3.4km

    BRASOV (Romania) v1 F2D

    SIM TRAXX / BRASOV / free2drive Rally & Racing + bonus multistorey real parking lot at Poiana Brasov, 2 awesome roundabouts for drfifting and a huge ground parking lot for hours of fun! This track has been created with aerial laserscanned references, high resolution pictures and constant...
  4. F

    "Assetto Corsa Monte Erice HillClimb Telecamere 1.0

    Quando visualizziamo un replay spesso notiamo nella traccia Monte Erice che la vegetazione copre in alcuni casi il campo di ripresa delle telecamere. Sono stati ottimizzati tutti i punti e aggiunte nuove telecamere. Spettacolo interessante provate e fatemi sapere. Ecco come fare: 1 -scaricare il...
  5. Gunnar333

    Goodwood Festival of Speed 2017 v1.11

    So here it is. It took me nearly two years to finish this track. Enjoy, but please notice the following advises. This is a highly detailed track, so I do think a lot of you will get high frame rate issues. New folder structure, so if you update from your previous Goodwood version: Please delete...
  6. K

    Mclaren 650S GT3 Jantar Team 2018-08-07

    Skin of Mclaren 650S GT3 driven by Slovak driver Ján Miloň in European Hill Climb Championship.
  7. A

    Electricity reigns supreme at Goodwood

    Touring cars to single seaters, pre-war to the future. The Goodwood festival of speed hillclimb is one of the biggest motoring events in the British calendar. Each year, on the last day of the weekend, the fastest cars take part in the highly competitive and diverse hillclimb competition. The...
  8. El_nounourso

    Clio GrA HillClimb L.Werlé 1.1

  9. Gunnar333

    Borgloh v1.13

    I am happy to announce my first track for assetto corsa. It's the location of the annual Bergrennen Osnabrück at Borgloh. The most northern hill climb in Germany. I tried to be as precise as possible without having LIDAR or laserscan technology. Big thanks to the AC modding community all over...