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Goodwood Festival of Speed 2017

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2017 1.13

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  • for solving the "driving in wrong direction" issue.
    I simply deleted the AI - Hope this will eliminate this issue.
    I can't setup a server with my modem so still not tested online.
  • added a track description text
  • some small additional config tweaks
  • Cleaned the folders up a bit. So a clean install should be done.
- fixed track cameras

Track cameras are still not perfect.
They are based on the FOS broadcast.

I don't mind that much, so feel free to build your own.
New folder structure, so if you update from your previous Goodwood version: Please delete "goodwood_hillclimb" in your tracks folder.

Attention: BLM Lights users will get a crash to desktop with activated App.
So please download the latest version of BLM Lights and add g333_goodwood_hillclimb in excluded_user.ini
or disable BLM Lights App.

This track is very demanding and might not run on older systems. If you have low fps please try to set track details to medium and use LQ version of the track.

The track is optimised for Custom Shaders Patch and SOL.
If you run a vanilla AC you won't have all the goodies.



Whats new or fixed:

  • New layouts:
    HQ versions should be used with CSP and stFlow shader installed
    LQ versions for people having issues with that.
    Both layouts have a wet variant too.

  • New 2D crowd

  • No 3D crowd on track details: low to hight anymore
    only available on very high and maximum settings

  • New AI - now you can do trackdays with up to 29 opponents, race mode do also work (nonsense for hillclimb), time attack mode is not supported.
    still some minor problems left:
    • yellow flag showing when 6 opponents or more
    • do not enter sign when leaving the pits
      If someone knews a work around for this please post in the discussion thread.
  • New CSP grassFX

  • New Flags (works better with dynamic wind in CSP now)

  • VIP tent window material improvements

  • some mesh improvements
    (like texture clipping at main bridge, noticable in VR)

  • New spectator flags on grandstands

  • New animating objects (Ferris Wheel, Helicoters, Plane and Race Marshals)

  • Custom sound bank (sound fx for spectators, track announcer, helicopters, and ferris wheel)

  • no balloons ;)
Here it is what should be the final version of this track.
read the How_To_Install.txt if you need help to install.

  • reworked the track.ini files with comments.
    So if you want to have movable hay bales at Molecomb Corner and/or have troubles with stFlow Shader it is easier to edit models_layout_a.ini and models_layout_a_wet.ini
  • track vao, track config and backgrounds for loading screen are included but should now be loadable with Content Manager, too. (uploaded to GitHub - maybe it took a few hours to be online)
  • tv track camera adjustments and additional drone camera set added.
    Thanks to Won https://www.racedepartment.com/members/won.176197/
  • new and reworked dynamic objects
  • new timing displays (scrolling dot matrix)
  • new physical road mesh - now more bumpy
  • 35 pit boxes for your mutliplayer experience
  • new loop with pit boxes for collecting cars after driving downhill back to start
  • reverb sound under bridges working now
  • mesh optimization and fixes
How to install:

So here is the first update.
That should fix a lot of problems.
  • hay bale banners are now closer to the bales.
    Less parallax effect and objects to render so maybe better performance
  • fixed some object naming mistakes which created too many collision objects.
  • new Hotlap start point.
  • I have disabled the flying hay bales in this version because I do believe that's causing too much trouble for some users.
But if the previous version was working fine for you you can still reanimate this animation if you edit the following lines in models_layout_a.ini and models_layout_a_wet.ini