Norisring 2009

Norisring 2009 v3.10

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This track was made by com8 (Alex Hummler) for rFactor in 2011.
The Assetto Corsa conversion was done by SandroX.
The enhancement of the AC version was made by Rainmaker
and now I have optimised it to bring this forgotten track back to the community.
Thank you to Com8, SandroX and Rainmaler who all gave me their permissions for the overhaul of this Norisring conversion.
Also a big thanks to AlleyViper who help me a lot in testing and finding bugs.

This is not a scratch made track by me. It is "just a conversion" which I'm sure can be optimised even further but only with very big effort from ground up. It's not perfect as it is but much fun to drive.
Unfortunately it is also not CPU friendly.
I did many things to optimise it but still remains a high PID count, about 5500-2800, so be aware of it especially when it comes to night racing.

I tried to implement many "up-to-date" features like night lightning and working flag monitors on track.
  • video monitor needs the stFlow shader which is included in this release.
  • CustomShader patch:all files (config.ini and vao) are uploaded to GitHub. please download them with CM
copy all two folders (content, system) to your Assetto Corsa ROOT folder.
If you you use CSP, p140 or above is required!

Have fun!

Here is a PayPal link if you like to give me a donation:

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Latest reviews

Thank you for taking the time to optimize this so thoroughly! Rainmaker's version was great, but you've brought it up to modern standards! Cheers!
nice DTM track. Thanks for sharing.
Very nicely done, thanks a stack :-)
Well done....looks so good
Exellent work!!!!!
Really great.
Is it possible to edit the AI? Entrance Schöller S brakes the AI very strong.
I adjusted the AI a bin on v3.10.
Should be better now.
A brilliant update to this great track. Some gameplay footage here
Good job. Thanks for sharing
Great job!! thanks dude!!
Looks fantastic, bristling with life! Thanks.
Good job!!! Best version I have seen in any race sim title. Thank you for sharing.
Greets from Nuremberg.
Forgot to add a video, 5 lap sprint of the track below ;)
great work..thx a lot for sharing!
And finally, a worthy version of this legendary track. Thank you so much, Sir.
Absolutely incredible circuit mate!
5stars easy.
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