Feldbergring 1.4

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Great job! it closed a year after I was born.. been testing some vintage motors there. The speed highwire.
Born too late, just like me! :( Thanks for trying my track, and for taking the time to review it - much appreciated :)
Just had some serious fun on this track thanks
So pleasant driving (or should I say cruising) through this "track" ! Just like another commenter, I just feel like cruising in an M4 and enjoy the german countryside !
Probably the most beautiful track I've seen. Almost makes me want to not drive fast and just cruise along, stick to my lane and soak in the surroundings, instead.

There should definitely be a cruising version which would just go on and on through the forests and villages.
Soooo nice
Great work
superb... great work
Kunos should hire you. Everything feels so natural and real. There are some mods where I feel like I'm driving in a bowl of broccoli, but here every tree and patch of grass falls right into the environment. Excellent, AAA!
thank you!
This track is just amazing. My nr 1 track in VR. The sence of speed is fantastic and the details along the track is very well done.
excellent track mad in the Mclaren mp4 and the judd v8 or the jordan
Nice video! Thanks for making it :)
Good job, excellent track
Astonishing. Thank you very much.
Great work. Interesting track. I also tried a day-night transition using sol, and my mind was blown....
What else...? Thank You For Your Work!
Great track and great work! Thank you!
What a blast! I love this historic content, it is so much more fun than the sterile modern tracks with their damn chicanes. Cannot thank you enough, I've already lost hours of my life racing and cruising this track and now with the Sol mod, it's just too much.
I am glad you're enjoying it. They really don't make tracks like they used to. My next track will be along the same kind of lines, but slightly shorter at 10km (rather than FBR's 11.4km), and should be out in around a month's time, hopefully.
One of my favourite tracks has got even better.
One of the best tracks!
Just one word: perfect!
Thanks to share
nice update, thanks.
awesome track, a must have !
so good with classic cars
Five Stars !!!
What a marvelous track. The atmosphere is something special, simply the best for retrò-race, and also for sunday "relaxing" ride.
Thank you, mate.
fun to cruise around on
Fantastic! A masterpiece.
Always in my top 3 of tracks, fantastic stuff indeed.
Thank you Fat, one of the top mods in my opinion and absolutely a must have!
Thanks a lot for updating this great track ! ;-)
Muito top! gosto muito deste tipo de pista
Eu também! Obrigado!
A truly astonishing track. The attention to detail is amazing. Works at night very well. Overall an extremely high standard every mapper should strive for.
Beautiful job! 5 Stars well deserved!
Fast and technical track, making a clean lap is still a challenge after hours of practice. So difficult, yet so rewarding. Some points in the scenery are pure magic and leave me in awe every time I drive by.
I‘m living close to Feldberg, ride parts of this track quite often with the motorbike. What a pleasure to find it here for AC ! Great piece of work !
You're very lucky to live in such beautiful surroundings. Thanks for trying my track and leaving a review, and I am glad you like it.
Als alter Bad Homburger sag ich mal:
GRANDIOS .... die Strecke war nicht so weit weg von Bad Homburg
Vielen Dank
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