Feldbergring 1.4

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Thank You
Beautiful and Dangerous track! so much detail. Download it, you won´t regret this. Consider giving some money for a beer. the creator deserves it 110%
Absolutely beautifully done mod. It's fast and fun, and it has such a nice atmosphere. Well done and thank you Fat-Alfie, this is a work of art.
Awesome job!
Pure perfection, U just must have it on your track list. Will love to use it on server.
you´re simply the best
A true masterpiece! It is so unique!
Driving feels awesome, nice tight road, scenery is truly beautiful and detailed, awesome!
Outstanding work!! I live in that area, didn't know about tha racing history but I know the streets nowadays very well and I must say: it is breathtaking original!! Very great job! I couldn't stand to donate :-)
Thank you VERY much! You are too kind! It's really great to hear that my track looks similar to the real roads, and so nice to hear that so many people are still enjoying this track. Cheers guys and gals!
amazing work ! beautiful track, lots of details that make for perfect screen shots or videos.
made a small cinematic on it and it just helped so much with how stunning the track looks:
Great video! I might need to employ you when I release my next track >_< hehe
Stunning work, from one of the best track makers around. Thank you sir.
That's very kind of you; thanks so much.
Awesome work of art. A real pleasure to race on this track. Thank you so much Fat-Alfie. Your work is outstanding!
Beaautiful landscape and nice to drive. Bravo;)
Outstanding effort. Looks fantastic and is a blast to drive.
i love this track!
Super Thanks verry much!
Excellent. Thanks.
it looks amazing
Your tracks are truly a piece of art. They are build so beautifully and so flawless, it's absolutely amazing. The layouts are demanding and very fun to race. Keep up the exceptional work.
Thanks very much Ronnie, glad you like it (and my others that you reviewed). There are a few more to come like this track and I hope you will enjoy those too ;)
Awesome work mate
Ridiculous quality. Can't imagine how long this took. Took me to make my own track to realize that.
Fantastic map/work! I really like the layout and open roads so much more than the "standard F1-tracks" that are so frequent in most realistic racing sims these days. The sense of speed in certain areas is so wonderful. One of the best tracks ever!
This track is a work of art and the most fun I've had in AC so far! Driving any GPL car or older vintage car on this is a total gas! Thank you for all your hard work! There is however a problem with the AI cars as they will stop dead in the middle of the road before the hairpin turns at each end of the track. It may or may not be track related though!? Other than that, it's perfect and I can't thank you enough!
Thanks very much. I have to agree with you, that this track works best with vintage cars. I will have a look at the AI line again, though. Could you send me a PM telling me which car/s you noticed the problem with?

Also, if you think THIS track is fun, wait until you see the next one :D Imagine Feldbergring... on steroids :D
Kunos should employ this man!
Nice track, I love it
Loved the track! But the AI were Actual Idiots at points..
excelent work!!! thanks
wonderfull............great job
Gran Muchas Gracias =)
One of the best Track Mods I know so far. Excellent fun with a WRC car! In Assetto Corsa Content Manager there is something wrong with the description. It says "Stuttgart" and 36 Boxes. But maybe I just missread that. Made a video of it (https://youtu.be/hG_houmajGE). Excellent job! Thank you so much for the entertainment and fun I can have with this track!
You're right, it does say Stuttgart! I have no idea how that slipped through, sorry. 36 pit boxes is correct though. It's great to hear that you are having fun with it - thanks for trying it out and taking the time to leave a review :)
Just amazing amount of detail and unique feeling while driving this. Try with Sol and low sun through the trees... Fantastic! I wish there was some sound possible on tracks to add even more immersive aspect to it! What you are creating for AC will remain in modding history! Can't wait to see your french track in action :)
Thanks Ben, and coming from you that's quite an honour. I think we both strive to create atmosphere and a sense of the real world. I feel very lucky to be part of this AC modding community, where praise and support is so enthusiastically given - cheers!
Well done, but not quite my cup of tea
Thanks for trying it, but do I understand you correctly - you are scoring the track 4 stars because you don't like it? Or is there an issue with the track?
Great job , Excelent for eyes... :-)
Excellent! No more words needed.
so fast. so great.
One of my favorite tracks ever in ac. Beautiful detailing, fast and technical layout, and very fps friendly, Absolute sublime!
This mod is so good I actually thought it wasn't a mod but part of the game itself. Great design, works perfect and really beautiful. I love it.
Very excellent track.
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