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  1. Nicecuppatea

    Rolland-Pilain A22 (1923) 1.0

    Finished! The final car of the six different marques that took part in the 1923 French Grand Prix at Tours. Possibly a bit of an anti-climax if you believe in saving the best to last. I saved it until last because when I first started researching these cars there was almost no information...
  2. THE Giulliano Larin

    Bremgarten CamTool Replay (GiuNiral) 2021-07-11

    2 sets of cameras for the amazing Bremgarten. Track made by Fat - Alfie.
  3. 67JTM

    Skinpack For Mercedes- Benz W125 0.9

    Since @aphidgod has shown the W125 a bit of love recently, I decided to do the same! So here is a Skinpack that contains the 4 Entries of the 1937 Donington Grand Prix: #1 Rudolf Caracciola #2 Hermann Lang #3 Manfred von Brauchitsch #4 Richard Seaman Included is an external config file, that...
  4. Fat-Alfie

    Bremgarten - 1950s 1.01

    The Bremgarten track was first used in 1931 for Motorcycle racing with the first Swiss Grand Prix for cars taking place in 1934 and was held annually there after, dominated by the Silver Arrows, Hans Stuck winning the first GP in an Auto Union and the famous marque would win again in 1936 with...
  5. R

    Circuito de Guadalope Alcañiz 1985 rework v1.5.1

    The Circuito de guadalope belongs to the golden age of Spanish motorsports, located in Alcañiz, an urban section of 5.3km in length, with very tight curves, hairpins, slopes with unexpected jumps and the elevation of the terrain is a roller coaster. In those streets there were mainly touring...
  6. Langheck_917

    Datsun 510 Legends 1.0

    This pack includes three Datsun 510s which were legends during their running in SCCA B Sedan Production back in the early to mid-70s. Included is the distinctive yellow and black Clover Plastics 510 campaigned by Dave Frellsen of Evanston, Illinois, who took the National Championship for B...
  7. mrzenigma

    Pessio Garage RD1 Porknose - Team Morgan #65 Skin V1.0

    Continuing my theme with a another fantasy skin for the Pessio. This time I got inspired by some 60s F3 Coopers. Enjoy! If you have any ideas for new skins or suggestions let me know! Team Morgan #65
  8. Langheck_917

    Pete Lovely Lotus 49 (Brands Hatch 1970) 1.1

    This is a replica of Pete Lovely's Lotus 49 (R11) as it ran in the 1970 Race of Champions at Brands Hatch in 1970. It can be used with the Lotus 49C model published by Legion. To quote the F1 wiki, Pete Lovely was a United States driver and businessman. He owned a very successful Volkswagen...
  9. Langheck_917

    Jon Norman Alfa Romeo GTV (1973 SCCA Regionals) 1.0

    Alfa Romeo GTV Widebody raced by Jon Norman of Alfa Parts and Norman Racing Group. This car has been campaigned since the early 70s in 2.5L Trans-Am and SCCA B-Sedan Regional Championships. With 40 years of development and over 100 podium finishes, this car has survived and continues to be...
  10. Langheck_917

    Bob Sharp Racing Datsun 510s (1973 B Sedan SCCA Runoffs, Road Atlanta) 1.0

    Attached are a pair of Datsun 510s sporting the Bob Sharp Racing livery as worn during the B Sedan SCCA Runoffs at Road Atlanta, 1973. These are intended for use with the Touring Car Legends 'tc_legends_datsun_510'. The two cars are driven by Paul Newman (#75) and Jim Fitzgerald (#38). Like...
  11. deCarera

    Trans Am livery pack .81

    Since this vehicle has perhaps the worst snout ever placed on a Camaro, I thought the least I could do is create some more interesting paints for it and have fun in the process. So here are liveries inspired by Trans Am cars ranging from the late sixties to the present day. The Valvoline has a...
  12. Langheck_917

    BRE Datsun 510s (1972 Trans-Am 2.5 Sedan Championship) 1.0

    Attached are the trio of Datsun 510 racing cars campaigned by Pete Brock (BRE) for the 1972 Trans-Am Sedan Championship, which ran simultaneously alongside the big-bore American Muscle Cars. These are for use with the Touring Car Legends 510 (tc_legends_datsun_510). Included is the...
  13. Langheck_917

    1967 Trans-Am Alfa Romeo GTAs 1.1

    These replicas are a pair of Alfa Romeo GTAs campaigned by Horst Kwech (3) and Monty Winkler (6) for Knauz Continental Auto during the 1967 SCCA Trans-Am Series (Under 2-Litre Class). This is for the standard AC ks_alfa_romeo_gta. Kwech prepped these RHD Alfas from his own shop AUSCA out of...
  14. THE Giulliano Larin

    Nurburgring 1967 Nordschleife Camtool Replay - GiuNiral 2021-04-07

  15. Nicecuppatea

    Delage 2LCV 1923 1.0

    Number five of the 1923 Tours cars, only one more to go. Another one that has very little technical information available so expect lots of guessing, both educated and uneducated. It was given a whacking great airplane engine after it's short Grand Prix career and still survives today as the...
  16. Pasta2000

    Honda S800 - KSCC Championship 1966 #7 1.0

    This is Kuniomi Nagamatsu (永松 邦臣, born February 10, 1944) and his little Honda S800 at the 1966 KSCC Championship, held on the 31st of July. Possibly the most impressive performance delivered by Kuniomi that day: qualifying for pole with a time of 2:51.5, but not starting too well, getting...
  17. O

    '73 Toyota Celica Data Replacement 1.0

    My handle is OldRebel because I'm kind of old (63) and I've always been a rebel. I remember the first generation Celica very well. It was Toyota's idea of a Japanese car with a Mustang theme. It made a big splash in the marketplace at the time. So when I discovered a download on A******land for...
  18. A

    Corrections for Ferrari 250 Testarossa 2021-02-11

    It is the same age as your grandma but much faster and much, much, much more expensive... Doesn't have eight figures price tag only if you pay for it in bitcoin ;) But of course, it's 250 Testarossa! The car for Assetto can be found using the link. After doing that myself I ended up spending...
  19. Nicecuppatea

    1923 Driver model 1.2

    1923 Driver model in slightly dodgy but period correct attire for anyone who doesn't have it already. It's included in my other mods but not the FIAT, thought it might be better uploaded seperately. Feel free to use it in your own mods if you want, my only condition is you don't charge for it...
  20. Nicecuppatea

    FIAT 805 405 (1923) 1.0

    THE car of the 1923 season, without the characteristic unreliability that nearly all cars of that era suffered from it probably would've won every race. It was the first supercharged car to compete in a major Grand Prix although apparently a 1.5 litre FIAT in a minor regional race beat it to the...