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[FANTASY] Oreca 07 (LMP2) #27 Racing Team Nederland

[FANTASY] Oreca 07 (LMP2) #27 Racing Team Nederland 1.0

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An alternative version for the Racing Team Nederland skin with a different (not used) start number. I made this because I wanted to race alongside the #29 and wanted to share this with you.

Game: rFactor 2
Team: Racing Team Nederland
Championship: FIA World Endurance Championship
Class: LMP2
Car model: Oreca 07 (DLC)
Car name: Oreca 07 #27 Racing Team Ned
AI driver name: Job van Uitert


The download contains 2 variants of the skin, allowing you to choose if you want regular WEC season number plates or Le Mans specific number plates.

The default variant has the regular WEC number plates. To choose a different variant, select the car, go into Tuning and change version "alt" in the Variants menu at the bottom of the right side menu.

File nameNumber plates
altWEC (DHL sponsoring)
alt_LeMansLe Mans (24h/Total)

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Great Job and thank you for sharing.
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2 MB
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