LIVERY » MERCEDES-BENZ AMG GT3 EVO by AGU-Modding This is a alpha realease Update soon with better textures, enjoy!
  2. Itzdatmancam

    #110 Besaplast Racing Team 1 0.13

    This car was driven by Franjo Kovac, Martin Tschornia, Fredrik Lestrup and Kurt Thiim at the 2014 24 Hours of Nürburgring. It finished in 23rd place and it was the Winner in the SP4T Class 15 laps behind the leader.
  3. nhookdesign

    #99 Quantum Capital Partners Herberth Motorsport Porsche 911 GT3 R 01

    Steffen Görig's 2019 livery for his Porsche 911 GT3 R used in the Rolex 24h at Daytona and Creventic 24h Series. Feel free to visit my Instagram and Facebook page: www.instagram.com/nhookdesign www.facebook.com/nhookdesign
  4. arkloh

    VSR Lexus #anna 24H 1.0

  5. arkloh

    NFR lexus #anna 24h 2020-12-14

  6. F

    Audi Sport Team Land 24h NBR 2020 V1.1

    Here is my next skin, the Audi Sport Team Land R8 LMS Evo from the 24h Nürburgring 2020 Have fun with it !
  7. Itzdatmancam

    #37 AMR Performance Centre Aston Martin GT4 0.1

    AMR Performance Centre gt4 Aston Martin from 2019
  8. Feint

    2020 Daytona 24h Corvette C8.R 03 and 04 (now dirtier) 2.0

    The Corvette C8.R numbers 03 and 04 from the 2020 Daytona 24h race. These skins aren't perfect due to the strange mapping of the body in some places on the SimDream car. Really the only issues are the IMSA logo on the nose can't be added because of the mapping, there's an extra arrow on the...
  9. OmCitaro

    WEC/LM24 Staff cars skin pack 1.0

    Hello, if you want to add some role play to your online league races, this skin pack is made for you! In this pack you'll find : - [Kunos} Porsche 911 Turbo S WEC Safety Car - [Kunos} Porsche 911 Turbo S LM24 Safety Car - [Kunos] Porsche Cayenne LM24 Track Car - [CIRaceonline] Porsche Panamera...
  10. NikoMoraes

    GPX RACING 2020 - PORSCHE 911 GT3 R 2019 (991.2) 0.9

    First version of these beautiful cars, as more images of them will be updated, in the file there are instructions to get the 3 wip versions of the skins Paypal: https://paypal.me/lr19skins?locale.x=es_XC Design by Sean Bull Design
  11. F

    Audi Sport Team Phoenix 24h NBR 2019 1.0

    Here is my next skin, the winner of the 24h Nürburgring 2019. The Audi Sport Team Phoenix R8 LMS Evo Have fun with it !
  12. Oscurr

    Manthey Racing 911 GT3 R N24h 2019 1.0

    Here I present to you the Manthey Racing #12 car which took part in the Nürburgring 24h 2019 as an AM car of the SP9 class. This skin was made from the real cars design/print data which was provided to us by the original artist, Berzerkdesign. Many thanks to him for giving us the the material...
  13. KIKAN|Studios

    2019 J2 Racing Rooster Rojo Mercedes AMG GT3 by Getspeed Performance 1.0

    Here is the J2 Racing Endurance Chassis from the Season 2019 in VLN, the 24h Nürburgring and GT Open. Enjoy this beautiful livery. Its not allowed to reupload the skin or to use any kind of Logos from the skin without my permission or from the Getspeed Performance Gmbh. To install the skin...
  14. K

    #1/#2/#3 Peugeot Total LMP1 1.0

    Made the 2010 Peugeot liveries for the 2018 Rebellion R13. Unfortunately, the Skin has a bug on the right site, you can see it on the 2. Picture, could'nt find a way to work around it... The car is from Sim Dream Development (Pay Mod)
  15. Stig campagnard

    Porsche 991 RSR 24h Le Mans Virtual 2.0

    It's the 3rd livery I made and it's by far the more complex. It only have the livery of the #91 car for the moment, but I want your thought about this one on what can be upgraded before release the others. Enjoy !
  16. haasje33

    Oreca 07 (LMP2) #29 Racing Team Nederland - Le Mans 2018 1.0

    Game: rFactor 2 Team: Racing Team Nederland Championship: FIA World Endurance Championship Class: LMP2 Car model: Oreca 07 (DLC) Car name: Dallara P217 #29 Racing Team Ne AI driver name: Nyck de Vries
  17. haasje33

    Oreca 07 (LMP2) #5 & #6 Team LNT 2019-20 1.0

    Game: rFactor 2 Team: Team LNT Championship: FIA World Endurance Championship Class: LMP2 Car model: Oreca 07 (DLC) Car name: Ginetta G60-LT-P1 #5 Team LNT / Ginetta G60-LT-P1 #6 Team LNT AI driver name: Ben Hanley / Michael Simpson
  18. haasje33

    Oreca 07 (LMP2) #7 & #8 Toyota Gazoo Racing 2019-20 1.0

    Game: rFactor 2 Team: Toyota Gazoo Racing Championship: FIA World Endurance Championship Class: LMP2 Car model: Oreca 07 (DLC) Car name: Toyota TS050 #7 Toyota Gazoo Ra / Toyota TS050 #8 Toyota Gazoo Ra AI driver name: Kamui Kobayashi / Kazuki Nakajima
  19. MajkiMajk

    Audi R18 e-tron ByKOLLES Le Mans 24h 2019 1.0

    Hi, Livery for sean.smith.37, hope u like it.
  20. haasje33

    Aston Martin Vantage GTE #98 Aston Martin Racing 2019-20 1.1

    Game: rFactor 2 Team: Aston Martin Racing Championship: FIA World Endurance Championship Class: LMGTE Am Car model: Aston Martin Vantage GTE (DLC) Car name: Aston Martin Vantage GTE #98 Aston Martin Racing AI driver name: Darren Turner