1. mclbarri

    Ford Fiesta R5 - Simone Campedelli - Rally Italia Sardegna 2019 1.0

    Highly detailed skin of the Ford Fiesta R5 driven by Simone Campedelli at Rally Italia Sardegna during the WRC 2019 season. I'm doing this as a hobby and I'm not a game player so please test it in game and tell me how it looks. Thank you.
  2. morizottom

    GTWC fictional Skin Nevers Magny Cours 2022 1.0

    Hello Everyone This is My First Skin ! Made for 2019 Magny Cours version Hope you'll Enjoy it and have Fun
  3. HuibVDN

    JTR EnduroKa Livery - Ford KA 1

    Livery for the AC Club Racing EnduroKa mod. This is the Joe Tandy Racing livery as it won the first IndyKa 500 in 2019. The car was driven by Le Mans winner Nick Tandy, amongst others.
  4. Itzdatmancam

    2019 Blancpain GT Boutsen Ginion Racing #15 0.1

    This skin is based off the 2019 Blancpain GT Series Finale which was 3 hours of Barcelona. The team finished 30th overall and finished 5th in the Amateur cup. They also finished the series 26th overall and 5th in the Amateur cup. **This car need's CSP to insert the gold effect If you want to...
  5. enkay74

    Super GT 2019 GT500 Livery Pack 1.3

    After literally hundreds of hours of work, here is my 2019 Super GT GT500 skin pack. It contains all 15 Cars, with driver suits, helmets and pit crews... To make use of the real driver helmets you need to have the fantastic ACSPRH helmet mod installed...
  6. K

    Ricciardo's 2019 Helmet for 2021 1.0

    Here is an updated version of Daniel Ricciardo's 2019 helmet. I have removed the the Renault sponsors and have included two versions of the helmet, a version with McLaren's 2022 sponsors and a version without. This is my first mod so I hope you enjoy. NOTE: This mod does not contain custom race...
  7. Rotaga

    Mercedes 2019 skin pack for rss21 (Original, Lauda and Hockenheim retro) 1.10

    Mercedes 2019 skin pack for rss21 (Original, Lauda and Hockenheim retro) Don't hesitate to donate for more skins! https://paypal.me/romainbcrt?country.x=FR&locale.x=fr_FR
  8. PhronemoS

    101Racing.run - Honda NSX 2019 DashBoard Simhub 0.1

    Clone Honda NSX 2019 DashBoard for SimHub
  9. R

    2019 German Grand Prix Mick Schumacher - Kunos Ferrari F2004 V1

    The split helmet design that Mick Schumacher used when he drove his dad's F2004 at Hockenheim. Credit to @Ces7MSC for the base helmet design (Mick was an FDA driver in 2019 when he raced in F2). The skin works with the F2004 - I simply removed the Marlboro logos. Long live the V10!
  10. ErdiHaensel

    Mercedes-AMG GT3 - 2019 Riley Motorsport 24h Daytona (Wynn's) 1.2

    This is my version of the 2019 Riley Motorsport Livery for the AMG GT3 2015. I have not included the names of the drivers above the door. If names are preferred let me know. Any feedback is well appreciated. If you enjoy my liveries, feel free to support my work with a beer.
  11. Doyzza

    TCR Australia 2019 0.8.1

    Here are 32 skins with varying quality. I painted most of these during lockdown to use as placeholders, until someone with a bit more talent decides to paint them, and to keep me somewhat sane. Most of these skins are just slapped together so there are some sponsors missing, a couple of main...
  12. Lag101bubblebomber

    2019 Virgin Australia Supercars Championship 1.0

    Drive Simona Di Silvestro's 2019 Nissan Altima L33. The 2019 calendar consisted of 16 Rounds and 32 Races Use this app for creating the cars https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/assetto-corsa-car-tuner.13946/
  13. enkay74

    2019 Le Mans JMS Ferrari GTE AM 1.0

    Skin for the Kunos Ferrari 488 GT3 to complete the 2019 24h Le Mans Ferrari teams. Contains driver suit, helmet and gloves. A few liberties taken with the camo background but I think it is close enough to look good on track!!! Hope you guys like it!
  14. bastoner97

    VRC REVENGA R13 - Rebellion 2019 Liveries [WEC + Le Mans Test 2019 Version] 1.1

    Hi guys! Rebellion Racing No.1 and 3 from the 2019 24H of Le Mans, before they've switched to the Art cars. After at least 12+ hours of working on this livery, it's finally done. I tried my best to make it as accurate as possible, which wasn't easy at all. I hope you'll like it, I'm sure I will...
  15. AlexBfromG

    Dragonspeed LMP1 Gulf Le Mans 2019 for VRC Vendetta 1.0

    The 2019 Dragonspeed LMP1 car with the popular Gulf Livery Comes with crew, driver suit and Ben Hanley helmet.
  16. Fabian.W

    Montaplast by Land Motorsport ADAC GT Master 2019 1.1

    Here are my next Skins, the Montaplast by Land-Motorsport Cars of the 2019 ADAC GT Masters SaisonHave fun with it!
  17. Ghiaman1334

    Kubica Renault Helmet 1.0

    My first official mod! I know it's a bit late for F1 2019 mods to be relevant, but seeing as no-one made any Kubica helmets, I thought I'd bash one out! It's not too much - just a hue adjustment, removing Williams sponsors, adding Renault ones, etc. I even used the visor attachment from F1 2020...
  18. Pzyko101

    Black Falcon Team Identica 2018 / 2019 V01.1

    Hey there. Here's the next one! AMG GT4 Black Falcon Team Identica Season 2018 / 2019. Hope you like it.
  19. haasje33

    [REL] Ginetta G60-LT-P1 LMP1

    Global Endurance Modding presents the very first current-generation LMP1 car for rFactor 2: the Ginetta G60-LT-P1. The non-hybrid Le Mans Prototype has raced in the FIA World Endurance Championship, as well as the 24 Hours of Le Mans. It is driven by an AER P60B/C 2.4L V6 Turbocharged engine...
  20. Kesk

    #41 Daniel Suarez Throwback 2019 / Tony Stewart 2005 RSS Hyperion 2020 1.0

    Skin recreation of the 2019 Daniel Suarez Darlington Throwback, the skin reminds the second cup title win of The Smoke, Tony Stewart, won in 2005. The next two Throwback by Haas will be released soon :) Sugestion by @Xavierthehobbit