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De Tomaso Pantera Gr. 4 (GT4)

De Tomaso Pantera Gr. 4 (GT4) 1.11

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Very good car, job well done on this car. The handling feels great and the engine sounds are realistic!!
great thxs
Congratulation I saw this it looks super good, really good for a beta already.thanks for sharing !
Looks and drives brilliantly. Shame about the engine sound, though; not up to the super-high standard of the rest of the mod. I changed the sound to that of the Ferrari GTO; that seems to fit nicely AND makes the car easier to drive. Thanks for creating this mod :)
Excellently detailed car model! Not sure if the handling physics are 100% done yet but if so everyone should remember to brake way earlier than you're used to and don't expect much grip from the tires. Looking forward to the upcoming tweaks.
This is a great car, beautiful model and drives great. Just a couple of issues imo. Steering feels light for this type of car, and the sound still needs work, I currently swap it out for the Lola T70 MkII Ford sound.
Any chance of a Group 5 (IMSA) variant to go against the DRM cars?
Great looking, fun to drive. Thank You!
Love the real car and love this mod. Looking forward to LODs so I can run larger grids in VR and any other tweaks that come. Great stuff! :-D
One of my favourite Legends, beautifully depicted for AC.
Thanks! Excellent. White (yellow) rims needs AO. Keep up the good work!
Great car. Thanks.
She sure is a beauty, been driving her on default setup only and she is very drivable...I will use her in an event in the very near future ...much appreciated
Thousand Thanks!!!
Thanks a lot!
nice update, please, next update, glass reflex effect in interior, thanks all for excellent mod.-
fantastic mod !!! Thanks Pessio
great physics, great details! Interior engine sound is not my cup of tea to be honest.