1. CaptainLykaios

    Cars Peugeot RCZ Gr.3/4 WiP Diary

    Decided to create blog to document my progress on a different personal project I decided to start while the Matra is in QA testing. (Highlighting before people ask). The model for the Matra is now going through QA testing, after QA testing and finding any discreprencies on the model the car will...
  2. Pessio

    De Tomaso Pantera Gr. 4 (GT4) 1.11

    Here it comes, from the dark jungle, a roaring Pantera. An italian sexy beauty, but with a raw, big american heart. A super classic Ford 351 Boss, bored to 5800cc, capable of almost 500 hp of brute power, and even more in right hands. At the time, Porsche was so scared of that power, that begged...