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De Tomaso Pantera Gr. 4 (GT4)

De Tomaso Pantera Gr. 4 (GT4) 1.11

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Here it comes, from the dark jungle, a roaring Pantera.
An italian sexy beauty, but with a raw, big american heart.
A super classic Ford 351 Boss, bored to 5800cc, capable of almost 500 hp of brute power, and even more in right hands.
At the time, Porsche was so scared of that power, that begged FIA to increase minimum weight to 1250kg for gr.4 cars.

As usual you will find: animated wipers, rain on glass, full damage and dirt, fully functional suspensions and pop-up lights.

Skins came even in 2k resolution for lower-spec pcs, only rename/switch the folders. Don't overwrite skins folder with the content of 2k one, some files are different, just delete or rename skins folder if u wanna use the 2k one.

Special thanks as usual to @Andy-R , who made all the fantastic skins.

For a gin-tonic

Latest updates

  1. 1.1 Update

    New folder name, for SRS use. Brand new suspensions and tires. Higher CoG and Roll centers...
  2. Release 1.0

    Here it comes ( again ) First Lod ( a good one ) New tires nm and texture, thanks to @luathas...

Latest reviews

Devenue une de mes voitures favorites grâce à ce mod, merci !
Upvote 0
awesome! thank you
Upvote 0
Great car in every way, and that engine sounds so raw and intimidating... Brilliant work, thanks a lot ! :D
Upvote 0
Good stuff!
Upvote 0
merci beaucoup cette voiture elle est vraiment spécial, du très beau boulot
ma version préféré est la 1.0 pour le son moteur entre autre.
Upvote 0
Excellent , thank you :)
Upvote 0
this car is fast and handles great , well done on this mod
Upvote 0
Upvote 0
Great mod! The car looks amazing.
Upvote 0
Loved the car. Amazing details and drivability!
Upvote 0
Incredible mod, just amazing to drive. If God does own a car, it's probably this one.
Upvote 0
Very nice thanks, just needs the awesome v8 sound, maybe next ver?
Upvote 0
great physics, great details! Interior engine sound is not my cup of tea to be honest.
Upvote 0
Great looking, fun to drive. Thank You!
Upvote 0
Upvote 0
My favorite car from all the mods you have created for AC. Thanks for your work!
Upvote 0
Thanks for sharing this! I really appreciate you didn't hold back on the quality of your free mods.
Upvote 0
super, please Pessio more car
Upvote 0
This is such a good mod, the ONLY negative I can find is I think the sound is lacking just a little bit. Thank you for your work!
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Such an iconic car and the mod is absolutely stunning.
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File size
105.8 MB
First release
Last update
4.95 star(s) 77 ratings

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