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Cigarette Dispose 0.3

The right way to throw off your cigarett butt.

  1. Razielex
    Cigarette Dispose V0.3
    Hey guys, here I want to present to you my first public mod ever.
    What this mod does is basically creating a little cig butt
    model after finishing smoking or just throwing
    cigar away!

    Req: MSC Mod Loader (Newest)
    Installation: Put the insides of .zip to the "mods" folder

    Use button is F not E
    Works with experimental too.
    If you throw 2 cigs at once please tell me in the "support" tab.
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Recent Reviews

  1. breddy a noper
    breddy a noper
    Version: 0.3
  2. cupldcry
    Version: 0.3
    This is really cool. It makes the game "realistic" ;D
  3. Midnightz
    Version: 0.2
    For your first mod, it's really good!
    1. Razielex
      Author's Response
      I have experience with C# and Unity for a long time so it wasn't that hard. Thank you very much for your review! :)
  4. hicky
    Version: 0.1
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