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MSC Mod Loader 1.2.6

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>>> You can download full package from github here if you need helpful modders Debug stuff.

Reviews tab are not for reporting problems due to one reply. Also include your output_log.txt to your post.

>> Read FAQ before posting stuff <<

output_log.txt from mysummercar_Data folder is now your friend. Include that in any bug reports.

Please report any bugs and share ideas on github: click here it will be easiest for me to track them. Please follow issue template

Linux (Steam Proton) users: here is good unofficial tutorial by github user buck2202, if you have question about this, ask in linked github thread directly.

I'm not a mind reader, if you have a problem please provide as many informations as you can, writing posts/reviews like "not working, stupid", "can't install", "please help!!!!!!!11111" etc. doesn't mean anything, and don't expect help.
Useful information is: Your OS version, error messages, screenshots, console log, what you tried to do, make sure this is mod loader related and not a mod problem (if this is mod problem, you need to report to mod creator).

Also visit for useful stuff like documentation.

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  • Full changelog can be found: HERE
  • Unpack anywhere you want outside game folder (do not run without unpacking)
  • Open MSCPatcher.exe and click on "MSC Folder" to select game folder (in \Steam\steamapps\common\My Summer Car)
  • MSCPatcher will detect what version of MSCLoader you have, and allow you to update.
  • You can select location of Mods folder if you want, or leave default
  • After successful instalation you can click "Launch MSC", this will run game on steam (or just run game normally)
  • Navigate to your selected Mods folder
  • Put your plugins in the mods folder and your ready!
Thanks and credits:
  • djoe45 for MSCLoader v0.1 that was based on Longwelwind and TheNoob454
  • Fredrik95 and UltraJohn for Contributions on current version

Latest updates

  1. MSCLoader 1.2

    MSCLoader now supports self-update, this page on Racedepartment will no longer be updated. Full...
  2. MSCLoader 1.1.13

    What's new (1.1.15) * Improved compatibility layer with mods "updated for pro" (compatibility...
  3. MSCLoader 1.1.10 HOTFIX

    Hotfix Release Fixed synchronous loading issue with mods that was using second pass onload...

Latest reviews

Good stuff, the mscloader is getting bettter and better.
Thank you so much for it.
when i download the latest version it does not come with the loader, only comes with the patcher. what do I do please help
yo istalo pero no me abre
Helps alot but how do i close console?
how do i update to newest version
Run patcher and click update.
How can I delete this from the game?
when i download it it opens as a zip folder so i cant run it
ok so i want to downgrade to 1.5 so i can use new house eny ways?
not really, most mods will not work on over a year old version of modloader.
Worked before update, doesn't load mods anymore, and github verification is broken so I can't upload output_log.txt because I don't have an account.
is this totally safe sorry its just i don't want my computer to be ****ed after because their is that blue box when i run it saying this is protecting your PC or something like that
didn't work it just kept on loading. my internet was fine and was following your instructions
abro el mscpatcher y me pone: has leido las instrucciones? le doy que si (si que la lei) y me dice q soy un mentiroso
Problem: After reupdating the loader, the graphics are blurry... It is annoying and I dont know if it caused by the mod loader.
I don't change anything with graphics, make sure you accidentally didn't changed graphics when launching msc.
it's hard to figure out how to download the mod launcher and it recognizes it as a folder
Hello, i recently reseted my computer, before reseting I could use MSC Loader and play with mods normally (Modern Optimization Plugin mod) but after reseting I simple cant. I play with cracked my summer car from IGG Games and when i launch the game it doens't appear the console and it dont load the mods and appears "MSCLOADER_CRASH" on game folder

I will be happy if you could help me. (Sorry for the bad english)
paste what is isnide mscloader_crash.
when i install mscloader it says: did you read the instructions? then I press yes he says: why are you lying
because you are lying, read description again.
Co mam zrobić jeżeli mam wersję crack i nie mam folderu mods
sashima bashino sesua dasua
It doesnt work it doesnt download a launcher
why do you need "laucher"?
In the last days the MSCLoader gave a log.txt not found error, then I installed it from all the sites and none worked

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